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Joke politicians

Stand-up presidents
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I got this idea after watching Clinton’s video making fun of life in the White House before he left. It made me realize that only democratic politicians can afford to take the mickey out of themselves. Can you imagine Saddam or Adolf saying: “Look at this daft moustache. Aren’t I a twat?” (If only Adolf had gone to Hollywood before Chaplin...)

So the idea’s this: at the end of every week, countries’ leaders have to make a Gerry Seinfeld style summing up of the week. “So then I said I’d never raise taxes...doh!” (Canned laughter). This way no-one would ever be taken too seriously to become a dictator.

git, May 31 2003

Tom Ammiano http://www.dybbuk.c...miano/biography.htm
The current (2003) president of the SF Board of Supervisors is a stand-up comedian. [beland, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Official Monster Raving Loony Party http://www.omrlp.com/
The UK's silly party has international affliates. [Aristotle, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       Ermmm... smack me if I'm wrong, but Hitler and Saddam, or anyone for that matter, would not be dictators if no one ever took them seriously.   

       If this were true... Gerry Seinfeld (is it really spelt with a 'G'?) would be sitting in the White House and the UK will be trying to get the members of the UN to attack the US on the basis that they possess Weapons of Mirth Destruction.
joker_of_the_deck, May 31 2003

       Yeah, I don't think we really want our Federal politicians to be real people.
phoenix, Jun 01 2003

       Here's for politicians who aren't lawyers!
beland, Jun 01 2003

       Well, politicians can be quite funny sometimes (sometimes) so this might fly but being funny week after week is extremely difficult (as 'Friends' has shown us) and politicians are very busy people, don't you know, so the writing of the weekly address would be outsourced to one of two outsources, depending on locale.   

       The American-style address would be, in the glorious American Sitcom Tradition, drafted by a colossal squad of supercaffeinated gagsmiths, sent to Joss Wheedon so he can "gag it up some", passed through the spin doctors before being handed to the autocue scribe just as GWB dons his sports jacket, picks up his golf club and steps onto the stage.   

       The British-style address would be more cost effective as it would follow the less glorious British Sitcom Tradition. It would be written by a couple of people and no more. It would be written by the spin doctors. The UK's hottest new comedy talent? Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell, who will be furiously scribbling on a dog eared draft up until the point Tony swishes past, plucking it from their feverish grasp, so he can read it when he's in make up.   

       Either way, the monologue will pass through the spin filters. Which is a bad thing.
my face your, Jun 01 2003

       Joke politicians! Look around you, [git]. If these people wern't so bloody dangerous, we'd all be laughing at their ineptitude. as it is we seem to have an American Prezz. who can't find his arse with both hands, ( let alone a WMD),and a British Prime Minister who is thinks that "things a re going well", in the mid-East. With clowns like these two, why would you need Gerry Seinfeld? Bone.
briandamage, Jun 01 2003

       The UK has the Official Monster Raving Loony Party [see link] to bring levity to politics. They generally do it via satire and major political figures sometimes have a loony running against them.
Aristotle, Jun 02 2003


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