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Model President

A computer model of a presidential candidate that would win the most votes.
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People would vote on the issues as "I would support" or "I would not support" to decide where this virtual candidate would stand.

The resulting virtual candidate created by the people might be used as a model for real candidates. Politicians being pure scum, it would be likely that many would drop their own personal views and adopt a "Wow! That's how I felt on all the issues myself all along!" stance. Which would be fine as long as they got the job done.

Hot button issues would be handled with compromise (I know, a dirty word here in America). Candidate X might say "Abortion should be legal and protected but I will endeavor to reduce them by 50% by giving out free birth control along with education that stresses the fact that abstinence, while, rare is something that some young people do practice and can be in intelligent option." In other words, "I will endeavor, as best as I can, to reduce safe, legal abortion by 50%."

Other issues would be handled thusly, with the lost art of compromise that while perhaps not making one side ecstatic, would keep the most voters happy.

doctorremulac3, Nov 16 2016


       I would think the modern political candidate (before Trump) is already an example of this, given all the positions are poll-tested
theircompetitor, Nov 16 2016

       You'd think that, but I was struck how it's all about revolution and blood in the streets, and turning over the stupid policies of those guys. On both sides.
doctorremulac3, Nov 16 2016

       I'm tempted to produce one using a chatbot and one of our avatars. Talk to your future president in VR :)
theircompetitor, Nov 16 2016

       Hear hear. Watson for President.
RayfordSteele, Nov 16 2016

       Remove parts from sprue. Paint small parts before assembly.
pertinax, Nov 16 2016

       Model A Ford, not a Lincoln.   

       unrelated ---   

       Lincoln was the only president to file and complete a patent for an invention. Something to help a boat in trouble. ----Source some web page quiz about inventions.
popbottle, Nov 16 2016

       I think Donald Trump should send tiny Trump dolls to every citizen of the US. Just for a laugh. Might want to skip the Wiccan and Voodoo practicioners, though.
FlyingToaster, Nov 16 2016

       Having heard some of Trump's post-election interviews, I think he'll make a fine president of the United States, and I commend your collective wisdom.   

MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 16 2016

       Ditto with your latest Prime Minister and foreign secretary.
RayfordSteele, Nov 16 2016


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