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Juice database

An informal survey of my freezer
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can key,brand,subbrand 1,dole,country raspberry 2,welch,white grape raspberry 3,old orchard,apple cherry 4,minute maid,orange tangerine

ingredient can_key,seq,species,product,filtered,clarified,concentrat

ed 1,1,grape,juice,,,y 1,2,,water,y,, 1,3,pineapple,juice,,y,y 1,3,pineapple,juice,,,y 1,4,apple,juice,,,y 1,5,ascorbic,acid,,, 1,6,lemon,juice,,y,y 1,7,raspberry,juice,,,y 1,8,,natural flavor,,, 2,1,white grape,,,, 2,1,apple,juice,,,y 2,2,,water,,, 2,3,grape,juice,,,y 2,3,raspberry,juice,,,y 2,4,,natural flavor,,, 2,5,citric,acid,,, 2,6,ascorbic,acid,,, 3,1,apple,juice,,,y 3,1,pear,juice,,,y 3,2,,water,y,, 3,3,cherry,juice,,,y 3,4,aronia berry,juice,,,y 3,5,,natural flavor,,, 3,6,citric,acid,,, 3,7,ascorbic,acid,,, 4,1,orange,juice,,,y 4,1,tangerine,juice,,,y 4,2,,tricalcium phosphate,,, 4,3,,calcium lactate,,,

cypherpunks, Jun 09 2001

DFF Database http://www-gsb.uchi...Categories/frj.html
The frozen juices category contains all frozen juices sold at DFF. [LoriZ, Jun 09 2001]


select j."can key",j.brand from juice_database j, ingredient_list i where j."can key" = i.can_key and i.species='ascorbic'

       result set:
3,old orchard

       submit other query requests as required
globaltourniquet, Jun 09 2001

       Looks to me like your Country Raspbery Juice has both clarified pineapple juice concentrate and unclarified pineapple juice concentrate:   

       select j.brand, i.seq from juice_database j, ingredient i where j."can key"=i.can_key and i.clarified='y' and i.species='pineapple'   

country raspberry,3

       select j.brand, i.seq from juice_database j, ingredient i where j."can key"=i.can_key and i.clarified=null and i.species='pineapple'   

country raspberry,3

       The seq field isn't unique to each can_key in ingredient. Dude.   

       what gives???
globaltourniquet, Jun 09 2001

       So is this an idea that's being demonstrated, or is this guy just telling us about the juices in his fridge? I'm trying to figure out the utility of this--even if this were made accessible to a machine that could easily read this data, what would it do with it?   

       [Later that evening...] Okay, here are some things I came up with: (1) Ordering drinks like software: you purchase a Snapple, and your Internet-enabled fridge orders the ingredients, which get installed in a machine that mixes them in the right proportions (similar to soda machines mixing water and syrup); (2) a "smart fridge" that helps you plan a meal based on what you've currently got - this could use the ingredients to figure out nutritional information and avoid problems with allergies or vegans.
bookworm, Jun 09 2001

       Oh, I have no idea, actually. I just, you know... this stuff is up my particular alley. I couldn't help but notice the glaring relational data inconsistency.   

       As for what a machine would do with it, if it is a well-designed machine, it would spit it out, unable to cope with ingredient #3 in can_key #1 being both clarified and not clarified.... <Key Violation>
globaltourniquet, Jun 09 2001

       Sadness test passed, I think. Besides, everyone knows that fridge contents will be described in XML.
steg, Jun 10 2001

postseti, Jul 10 2002


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