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We still walk? Why?
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All that exercise walking up and down aisles just gets in the way of good TV and eating time, most drive through solutions ignore the social opportunities and inhibit TV viewing time. What the world needs is the Lay-Z-Mart.

Picture the scene: a huge shopping area, some with tables, some as parking zones (drive through catered for as well - getting out the car can be tough for some), areas for different TV channels with large screen TV. Local loop for sound, separate non-TV areas with the top 10 classical music tunes for the culturally inclined. Snaking past every shopping position is a conveyor belt, your very own moving aisle, where in a style reminiscent of the generation game, wonders of the consumer society waft past your eyes. Fancy a snack ? From the belt and into your mouth as you watch your favourite programme with all your friends. Finished shopping? Technology deducts your bill from your credit card and off you go.

hamiltonpruim, Jul 05 2004


       Sounds much like my idea of hell. It's sunny outside, I'm off to the market!
wagster, Jul 05 2004

       Yes, it =is= a special kind of hell, for those who'd think it's a cool idea.....   

       Here in the UK, we'd call that irony. :o)
hamiltonpruim, Jul 05 2004

       If you're tired of all that walking around, prder online.
DrCurry, Jul 05 2004


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