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grocery aisle "smash-in"

Protest all those displays that stick out in your way
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How about we organize a world-wide protest against those stand-alone displays that stick out into the aisles and clutter up the traffic? Declare a worldwide "down with grocery aisle roadblocks" month. Everybody agrees to accidentally-on-purpose bump their carts into one of these roadblocks each time they shop, to demonstrate how annoying they really are!
lee, Feb 03 2001


       Let 'em know your intentions: bring an attachable cow-catcher for your cart.
Wes, Feb 04 2001

       I prefer to seek out and remove the keystone product, especially when they're stacked in a pyramid style.
nick_n_uit, Feb 04 2001

       I'm not sure what you're talking about...
egnor, Feb 04 2001

       When stores pile a load of crap in the middle of the already narrow aisle, to make you have to squeeze around it.
StarChaser, Feb 04 2001

       Heh! That sounds like fun anyway, Cartmageddon...
StarChaser, Feb 04 2001

       what a waste of time
tpwatson, Feb 04 2001

       Yes, that annotation was...
StarChaser, Feb 05 2001

       I haven't seen stand-alone displays in the middle of the aisle, they're typically between the aisles and the back wall (or towards the front.) Also, as far as I have observed, supermarket aisles tend to be more wide than narrow.
VeXaR, Feb 15 2002


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