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'hi-tag' shopping glove

personal shopping glove and tags on garments that also help with payment
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Shopping in general is tiresome and dull. Half the boredom is the waiting around for stuff. If we didnt need to queue as much or at all it'd be a nicer experience. What if everyone had their own 'shopping glove' that they take with them to the store? Every product would have a chip in the packaging. The glove scans the item when it's picked up and a touch sensitive 'flexi-screen' (already under development) on the back of the glove shows what youve chosen and adds up your subtotal. When you put the item into your cart a field around the rim of the cart de-activates the chip, thus, it wont set of the alarms on exit. (removal of the item re-activates)

Also on the index finger and thumb are sensors that read bank cards. You would swipe your card between your finger and thumb and options of payment appear on the screen.

Upon leaving the store, you grasp onto a special pole with your glove on. The pole has readers on it that transfer the data into the shops system. No queueing an no grumpy attendants that get payed too much. Instead you'd pay some big guys on the doors incase the alarms are triggered.

I'm in the process of designing some prototypes at the Merseyside Centre of Innovation in the UK. If anyone has any feedback on the subject please leave annotations. Opinions of anyone who gives a damn will be hugely appreciated. Thanks.

mikeellis, Mar 08 2004

Credit on Your Key Ring http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3072638/
All you need with this is some kind of integrated reader for the individual product UPC barcodes that you intend to take out the door. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]

Speed Pass http://www.speedpass.com/
I have one, and no where to use it. [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004]


       So that's what Michael Jackson has been up to all these years with the single white glove! And now he's got Diane Keaton doing it. Who knew they were really just closeted shopaholics?   

       [In seriousness] I like the idea of being able to e-shop through my favourite stores, and being able to pre-tally my running bill as I add each item to my cart.   

       On the other hand, I don't think the "glove" that you propose is a fashion statement that I would be comfortable using. Why can't the guts of the system be built into a typical wallet or PDA or mobile phone, or any other common unisex accessory?   

       On the other other hand, RFID "Speed Pass" type cards or devices [link] already allow most of the elements in this transaction at gas stations and roadway toll booths. I'm wondering if the only new part of the idea is the white glove treatment.
jurist, Mar 08 2004

       // an no grumpy attendants that get payed too much //   

       Your karma'll come and bite yer bum for that one.
saker, Mar 09 2004

       Can I get my glove white with RFID sequins? Right hand only? And will it make me sing like the king of pop?
Letsbuildafort, Mar 09 2004

       Make mine elbow-length and pink satin...8-D but here's a question. How do you pay if you want to buy with cash or check? [+]
spacecadet, Mar 09 2004

       what if u wanted to pay by cash and with all the functions exactally HOW big and heavy will this thing be?
half-n-half, Mar 09 2004

       I have thought about a strap rather than a glove...?..like velro or elastic like your boxer shorts. (but this would eliminate the swiping finger and thumb concept). As for the problem of cheques. I totally forgot to mention the layout on the screen itself. There is a 'cheque' option with the outline of a cheque with its blank spaces on the actual screen. You would fill this in with a detachable 'pointer' thingy like you get with palm computers. So it's also a touch screen. The info gets sent to the main desk where they print that cheque out ready for when you get to the exit.   

       To the cash question I say does cash really have to be used? I mean if you could also swipe a separate shopping card linked to an account held with that brand of supermarket, there would be no need for cash and no need for muggings. People who want chocolate and a drink can go somewhere else! "Shopping for elitists".   

       Also the weight is not really a problem. The efficiency of the power source on the glove doesn't have to be that great. The battery will be powered up either at home or by the pole that you grasp to upload your shopping data.
mikeellis, Mar 12 2004


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