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K9 Kap

A dog ‘do chapeau for bad and better hair days. All breeds for wannabe SOB’s.
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Ah like ma dawg.
He’s ma best friend … me bein a man.
He licks ma chops, too. Don’t git me wrong. It’s jus puppy love.
Ah wanna be with im an be like im. That’s why ah look like im.
See the pitcher. That’s him. Click onnit an you’ll see me, too.
FarmerJohn, Nov 25 2004

K9 Kap [FarmerJohn, Nov 25 2004]

Goofy hat. http://www.mainstre...m/pd_goofy_head.cfm
No floppy ears, though. [jutta, Nov 25 2004]

Kevin Coyne painting: Dog hat. http://www.kevincoyne.de/dog.htm
I'd look upset, too. [jutta, Nov 25 2004]

Dog hat, $5 http://partysupplie...yableProductID=9926
Actually does have a passing resemblance to your drawing... [jutta, Nov 25 2004]

$25, three sizes, newborn ... large. http://www.creators....php?ProductID=3869
Awww! Oh wait, that's the *wearer*'s size, not the dog's. Never mind. [jutta, Nov 25 2004]


       HA! When did you start doing this picture link thing FJ. Brilliant! Although you're looking a bit ruff!
etherman, Nov 25 2004

       got a wet nose, FJ?
po, Nov 25 2004

       You don't look like I thought you would with that accent.   

Lacus Trasumenus, Nov 25 2004

       This is my first sighting of an in-line illustration and it makes me proud. I'm not particularly fasion minded or dog minded for that matter, but something about this says "Yes. Bun me, bun me till it hurts."
zen_tom, Nov 25 2004

       Not much fussed if you want to look like your dog... the idea seems a bit vague on the details though.   

       I believe you can get pretty much anything screen printed or embroidered onto t-shirts and caps... Perhaps you can take serveral trusty digital camera images and get a standard cap re-skinned computer graphics style?
madness, Nov 25 2004

       Awesome drawings, Mr. Farmer John.
bristolz, Nov 25 2004

       <And the apprentice bows humbly to the master’s compliments.>
FarmerJohn, Nov 25 2004

       oh for goodness sake, you two! hey I want refreshing glasses FJ, not a cucumber...
po, Nov 25 2004

       I wanna look like your dog too. Let's all look like [FJ]'s dog.
wagster, Nov 25 2004


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