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Kat Monopoly

reveling the secret domination of Kats over the affairs of man
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Kat Monopoly is very much like Kat-less Monopoly, except there are two extra tracks, Inside and Outside. The main track, the work-house track, contains Marvin Gardens, Railroads, and all that stuff that holds no interest for Kats. Humans stay on the work-house track, and can’t get off.

For each human player (Sucker), there is a Kat.

Inside, there are plenty of sofa and windowsill squares. Landing on one of these, the Kat snoozes until it throws a seven or eleven. If the Kat steps on the pile-o-cash square, the Sucker cannot use his money until the Kat moves on.

Outside, Kats are more active. There is the chippie-with-the-easy-off-head square (yummy), and the-bird-that-flew-into-the-window square. Those are the good squares. There are also bad squares like the Mockingbird square, the nasty-kat-from-next-door square, and the cystitis square. Landing on that last square costs the Sucker $500.

While Kats never get on the work-house track, they can move between Inside and Outside. This is tricky. It requires that the Kat land on a door square, and a human to land on a nearby square. Then the Kat can go through the door. Or not.

(Actually, the human does not have to let the Kat through the door. But, in that case the Kat automatically goes to the cystitis square, costing the Sucker $500.)
pluterday, May 16 2003

(?) Two Kats Mad http://anon.user.an...ts_20Mad#1005879359
In case of bankruptcy, who gets the Kat? [pluterday, Oct 05 2004]

rules of Monopoly for pericles. http://www.centralc.../GAMES/MONOPOL.html
of course, families invent their own rules, like getting drunk, arguing the toss, throwing houses and money at each other... [po, Oct 05 2004]


       Wow - well thought-out game.
thumbwax, May 16 2003

       This'd really work, have a bun.
saker, May 16 2003

       Can the Kat starve if the Sucker chooses not to feed him or let him out? Can the Kat freeze to death if the Sucker does not choose to let him in? While the cat is on the cystitis square can the Sucker pay an extra $100 to have the Kat neutered, just for spite?
jurist, May 16 2003

       Freeze to death, hah! You wish. But the neuter square, yes, that is a fine idea. But…tit for tat. In case of neutering the Kat gets a revenge card. Sooner or later, the Kat will use it, and it will cost you a pair of hotels.

In the adult version of the game, it might be interesting to make all Kats male. That would make neutering a snap.
pluterday, May 16 2003

       just wait till The Kat gets here   

po, May 16 2003

       I thought Monopoly was catty before! I would play this game, [pluterday], and really enjoy it. +
k_sra, May 16 2003

       Fame at last.
The Kat, May 16 2003

       Funny idea. I just wish you had spelled "cat" properly.
waugsqueke, May 16 2003

       What's in between the two tracks?
smileydudette, May 16 2003

       [smileydudette] “Inside” is inside of the human (work-house) track, and “outside” is outside of the human track.

The inside and outside kat tracks touch the human track at four places – the Railroad properties – Short Line, etc. These are the doors that kats use to go in and out. Humans try to keep their own kats in all the time, because mating and vet trips, which only happen outside, can get very expensive. Naturally, they let other kats out at every opportunity.

Each human player starts the game with one kat. It a player goes bankrupt, she is out of the game, but her kat must be adopted by another player, based upon a “lucky” throw of the dice.

Kats are initially highly fertile, unless neutered. Neutering is quite expensive, but it is even more expensive not to, as un-neutered kats may mate if they land on the same outside square, and the progeny may become yours to deal with. The human “winner” is generally the player who has managed not to be bankrupted by her kats.
pluterday, May 17 2003

       I'd play. Make an online version too!
flyfast, May 17 2003

       I would like to learn how to play the regular monopoly first so I could be fascinated by this idea just like everyone else. I hate being left out of the fun!!
Pericles, May 17 2003


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