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Lazy Collar

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Local definition of a lazy wind: "a wind that would rather go throo ya than go round ya" (must be spoken with a rough tongue to be authentic)

In the face of a lazy wind, I really don't want to take my hands out of my pockets, so I just press a button in the lining to activate my Lazy Collar.

Small pistons, discretely concealed under the collar, raise it to a fully upright position then act as angled supports, bracing it against that lazy wind.

xenzag, Apr 28 2012


       [+] lazy bun.
FlyingToaster, Apr 28 2012

       Great name for a product range "Lazy". Lazy is always good :-)
xenzag, Apr 28 2012

       I have no interest in the collar, at this particular point in time. But where, pray tell, may one purchase this rough tongue of which you speak?
4whom, Apr 28 2012

       Also known as the cat's tongue wanking mitt.
rcarty, Apr 28 2012

       Thanks [rcarty]. I shall google that when i get to work on Monday. The guys at Anil & Anil, Retention Services LLC will be pleased.
4whom, Apr 28 2012

       I thought this would be a ball-bearing-mounted collar.
pocmloc, Apr 28 2012

       Couldn't you just attach small airfoils to the collar? When the wind reaches a certain velocity the collars raise themselves.
AusCan531, Apr 28 2012

       And when you take it off? Odour Humanity!
4whom, Apr 28 2012

       I was picturing a cop sitting at a
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