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Marshmallow Coat

Feel the heat, then eat the sweet.
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The nights are drawing in, the temperature is finally dropping below a level that makes me think the ice caps must be melting at an alarming rate, and I need to go shopping for a new coat.

I want a coat which has a small valve at the back, so that liquid marshmallow can be piped in, to solidify and form a nice insulating lining.

The various pockets of the coat would be unlined, allowing me to dip in and nibble away at the marshmallow throughout the bleak winter months. (NB could be a survival aid)

Come the spring, I'll have eaten through the marshmallow, and I'll have a nice light summer jacket, ready to be re-filled in October.

Not recommended for the profusely sweaty.

Fishrat, Oct 27 2003

Just what you need... http://www.duneinfo...akis/stillsuits.asp
I suppose marshmallow is better than drinking your own recycled bodily fluids. [alligator_al, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back http://www.amazon.c...67?v=glance&s=books
A pioneer in the world of marshmallow fashion. [Tabbyclaw, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Use it as a Halloween decoration on a rainy night, and reenact the Wicked Witch's Melting Scene.
RayfordSteele, Oct 27 2003

       Springing a leak would be embarassing.
phoenix, Oct 27 2003

       Is that marshmallow cream in your pocket or...
RayfordSteele, Oct 27 2003

       Mmmmmm. Is there a difference between marshmallows and flumps? I like flumps better. (+)
silverstormer, Oct 27 2003

       You know how all that crud gets in your pockets? Then you could eat cruddy marshmallows. Of course, you could strictly stick Hershey bars in your pockets along with some crushed up graham crackers and in the summer you could be a walking s'more.
flamingcrackmonkey, Oct 27 2003

       << Takes hands out of trenchcoat pockets to reveal sticky white mess >>
"Honestly, Officer, it's marshmallow! Look! *lick* Mmmm..."
Detly, Oct 27 2003

       Give me one of those guns that The Ghosbusters use...+
Colonel Panic, Oct 27 2003

       [Colonel], you would love the Spidy-cuffs option which would sent weblike jets of marshmallow out of the ends of the sleeves. (could be called sleave sleeves)
Fishrat, Oct 28 2003

       Cavity coat insulation.
st3f, Oct 28 2003

       "Camping fun turns to camping mayhem this weekend as an innocent child is subdued and roasted over an open fire ..." ... they always get the fat ones first :(
Letsbuildafort, Oct 28 2003

       Spidey-cuffs. I can envision all sorts of uses for those: Self-defence, erotic videos, the list goes on and on.   

       Can we get you to make a liquid marsmallow cannon for cars?
Colonel Panic, Oct 28 2003

       [Colonel] Simply strap a fat kid wearing a Marshmallow coat to your roof rack. Then get him to assume the superman position. I'm sure [letsbuildafort] will happily jump on him, causing a cannon effect with the spidy cuffs.
Fishrat, Oct 29 2003

       Nice, Tabbyclaw. Maybe the coats could have a lion- mane effect hood.
Fishrat, Dec 21 2003

       Remember the Stillsuits from Dune? They were filtration systems that you wore to precess waste and collect and purify sweat. You could then drink from catch pockets through a tube. Why not just have a tube that taps into the jacket, no marshmallow covered hands, just a tube to suck out the marshmallows. You could also fill it through the tube.
whatastrangeperson, Dec 22 2003

       now all we need is graham cracker pants and a chocolate tee shirt and -BAM- smores!
irollerblade, Dec 22 2003

       Its all good and fun till someone gets hit by a car, think of the collatoral damage to pedestrians etc.. Its going to look worse than the end of ghost busters...
Supercruiser, Dec 22 2003

       If marshmallow can be used as a coat filling, could candyfloss be used as loft insulation?
friendlyfire, Dec 23 2003

       Sure - spend the summer chomping your way through the loft, then refill it in september. Watch out for the joists though, nothing smarts like a gum splinter.
Fishrat, Dec 24 2003


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