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Kiwi HB Meet-Up

In Christchurch (March 17, 3:30pm)
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[methinksnot] is planning to come to Christchurch sometime in February or March. I'm already here in Christchurch. Clearly, this calls for a meet-up!

We're wondering if any other 'bakers might like to join us? The date's vague for now, but [methinksnot] will exactify it in due course, and I'll suggest a suitable place (the Dux de Lux comes to mind). So if you're living in or passing through New Zealand, come to Christchurch, come along, and be part of the first ever(?) kiwi HB halfcon!

imaginality, Dec 22 2006

The Dux http://www.thedux.c...ex.cfm/Christchurch
Did we mention it is warm in NZ this time of the year? [methinksnot, Jan 12 2007]


       Best kiwi halfcon, ever.
methinksnot, Dec 22 2006

       The level of public support is really staggering.
Looks like it's just you and me [imaginality].
methinksnot, Jan 12 2007

       A quick search on the HB map suggests that [imaginality] is the only halfbaker to admit to being on the island. But that [sofacrat] and the (potentially former, I haven't seen him/her in a while) user [Adze] are both in the New Zealand area.
hidden truths, Jan 12 2007

       Welcome [hidden], have a drink on me. We were starting to think there was an anti-antipodean sentiment permeating the halfbakery ranks.
How about [kiwiJohn]? I haven't seen him in quite a while, though. [ljanz] is also in NZ. [neutrinos_shadow] lives in Invercargill.
I'll stop before it becomes a list...
methinksnot, Jan 12 2007

       send Helium an invite!
po, Jan 12 2007

       Perhaps everyone is poised, waiting to know the date before booking their last-minute flights. ;-) Are you any surer yet about when you'll be here, [methinksnot]?   

       I recommend the Ginger Tom at the Dux: there's something a little half-baked about the idea of alcoholic ginger beer, and it works deliciously well... *salivates*
imaginality, Jan 12 2007

       About 16 months too late for me. I visited Christchurch with my wife for our 25th wedding anniversary a year ago September, rented a campervan and a motoryacht, and had a wonderful time going up and down the east coast and cruising Queen Charlotte sound.   

       Our hosts in Christchurch were a marvelous gent I used to work with, who I suspect might well get along famously with the Kiwi halfbaking crowd (I haven't encouraged him to frequent the 'Bakery, as he is gainfully employed!) and his ex-pat American wife.   

       When you decide on a specific time/place, I'll let them know.
csea, Jan 12 2007

       Don't think 2 weeks of being a HB would really qualify for me to take a round trip to NZ from England.. shame though
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 12 2007

       We should set up an England one at some point soon though. Can't have the Kiwi's having all the fun.
hidden truths, Jan 13 2007

po, Jan 13 2007

       The time difference would probably put paid to this, but could go for one synchronized halfcon with video-linked halfcons in all the major areas.
hidden truths, Jan 13 2007

       Certainly jutta and the Board of Directors will attend. And I thought all the moderators had an expense account, no?
Canuck, Jan 14 2007

       Expense account? The moderators are paid in crack!

       [imaginality], I'll know for sure after Wednesday. Everyone is on holiday enjoying the beaches and fine weather and I have not been able to get in touch with some people.
methinksnot, Jan 15 2007

       Sorry, I forgot all about the crack payoffs. I guess my head was up my a** again.
Canuck, Jan 15 2007

       I noticed [neutrinos_shadow] is somewhere around.
D'you reckon you can come?
methinksnot, Jan 17 2007

       Chch? Probably not, but then I do get shipped around a bit with work, so you never know...
Once there is a definite time/date/place, I'll keep it in mind, but I won't promise anything.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 17 2007

       Hi [methinksnot], just wondering what the news is, whenwise?
imaginality, Feb 07 2007

       A plurality of apologies, [imaginality].
I will be in Christchurch on the weekend of 17-18 March.
I suggest we meet at the Dux on the Saturday afternoon. What do you think?
methinksnot, Feb 07 2007

       Sounds great to me! I guess the meeting time really ought to be half-something - 3:30pm?
imaginality, Feb 07 2007

       And you should probably be half an hour late getting there.
hidden truths, Feb 07 2007

       Pedants are never late, [ht]
3:30PM sounds great. I'll have a croissant in hand (but really, I'll email you my cell phone number).
methinksnot, Feb 07 2007

       Maybe [Texticle] could be persuaded to attend?
methinksnot, Feb 20 2007

       Sorry guys, count me out. I have other plans.
Texticle, Feb 20 2007

       Airline fare paid?
blissmiss, Feb 20 2007

       Indeed blissy. Airline fare paid.
methinksnot, Feb 20 2007

       Right-o friends and neighbours. The time is coming and you have only about a week to get your act together. Or not.
methinksnot, Mar 11 2007

       I alerted my friends in Christchurch and introduced them (by links to my postings) to the HB. (I hope this doesn't scare them off!) I'll let you know if they respond favorably.
csea, Mar 12 2007

       Cheers, [csea] - look forward to meeting them if they decide to come. As the saying goes, "Any friend of a half-baker is probably slightly mad themselves."
imaginality, Mar 12 2007

       Lo! 'tis Friday, and the morrow doth harbour the promise of halfbak'ryesque musings in the autumn sunshine. For me and [methinksnot], at least.   

       (Any update on your friends' plans, [csea]?)
imaginality, Mar 16 2007

       I think our marketing let us down [imaginality]. Had we billed our halfcon as a St Paddy's day meet and drink, Christchurch would have been swimming in bakers.
methinksnot, Mar 16 2007

       > (Any update on your friends' plans, [csea]?)   

       [imaginality] - Sorry, no response from them, hope I didn't scare them off!
csea, Mar 16 2007

       Well, it was fun to meet [methinksnot] face-to-face today, albeit for just a short while. Croissant on table, beer in hand, we chatted in the late summer sunshine. Photo or two to come, in a day or so.
imaginality, Mar 17 2007

       Ya know I never knew anything about NZ, till a woman at the bakery, who I don't know if she's still about or not, sent me incredible pics.   

       I was totally wrong. It is a most magical place, I think.
blissmiss, Mar 18 2007

       Back online after a fun-filled weekend in Christchurch!
It was an incredibly beautiful day on Saturday and I had a lot of fun discussing things 'bakery and otherwise with [imaginality] (sorry for making you talk so much about your work, [imaginality]!).
We'll upload photos as soon as the email and work backlog has been dealt to.
methinksnot, Mar 18 2007

       Bog! I was in Sydney from Mar12-Mar21. The trip over there happened so fast that this half con completely escaped my memory.   

       You lucky Kiwi's & Auzzies! You could have had me on your hands!
Zimmy, Mar 23 2007


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