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London Halfcon Aug'06

Well, you try and organize a drink in a brewery
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A hemi-semi HB-Conference, at the Windmill Pub, on Clapham Common, SW. London [Link] on Thursday, 31st August at 1930 onwards. Any takers? Be there, or be somewhere else. [marked-for-expiry]
Dub, Aug 28 2006

Windmill Pub, Clapham Common, London http://www.pubs.com..._details.cfm?ID=254
[Dub, Aug 28 2006]

Transport For London Journey Planner http://journeyplann...EQUEST2?language=en
Location:SW4 9DE [Dub, Aug 28 2006]

you sure picks yer dates, dub. http://www.halfbake...bakery_3a_20Meeting
[po, Aug 29 2006]

Good, clean fun http://www.brickthe...es/shapeimage_1.png
[Yeah, I *really* hate clowns too, but the opportunity to throw pies at them is not something to pass up.] [DrCurry, Sep 01 2006]

Photos - http://dubatmultipl....com/photos/album/5
An audience with the Po [Dub, Sep 03 2006]



       One of these days I hope to be well off enough to crash one of these short notice London HalfCon's. I'll be sure to warn everyone, So I'll be the only one who shows & can have all the bourbon to myself!   

       7:30, you say. The airlines seem to have a problem with my halfbakery sock puppet, otherwise....(maybe someone can drink a Young's for me?)
Zimmy, Aug 29 2006

       Oops..Ta [Zimmy] BTW, Consider the Pint of Youngs, lovingly cared for   

       [po] Eh? Did I get the wrong year?   

       [Ian Tindale]The clue's in the title :)
Dub, Aug 29 2006

       Well I was going to be in London on Thursday, but I will now be returning on the Friday in a hire car and leaving my own car here in Ireland in the tender care of Suzuki who will rebuild the engine and put in on a boat for me in a couple of weeks. Sometimes I hate cars. Sigh.
wagster, Aug 29 2006

       [po] Ah, sorry. Don't blame me... I was asked by group-leader to organize something soon...   

       Note that nothing's been booked... (Thought I'll be there/then) If someone wants to suggest another time/place that's fine. I was mindful that Summer was drawing to a close.
Dub, Aug 29 2006

       [Zimmy]! Not well enough to make it to the pub? Should we worry? Hope it's nothing serious.
pertinax, Aug 29 2006

       [pertinax], it's just that there's an aweful lot of water between my house & a real pub.
And my halfbakery sock puppet seems to have gotten himself on the No Fly list. Something about a petition for gnus on planes, I'm not sure. When I woke up he was handcuffed to the Air Marshall. He claims it was for the inappropriate touching of a flight attendant, but I don't know, they showed me the petition.

       (You should have heard him squawk all the way home from the airport about the cavity search)
Zimmy, Aug 29 2006

       Sounds great - and yes, last chance for a pint before the end of the balmy summer!
zen_tom, Aug 29 2006

       Pre-war halfcon? Fantastic. See you there. Not quite sure who I'll be seeing there, but that's part of the charm of it.
st3f, Aug 29 2006

       def make it to see st3f again even if the gg's have rejected me in the morning. doss down in SW17 if need be!
po, Aug 29 2006

       Say hi for me to each other, please.
jutta, Aug 29 2006

       bloody shame you can't make it!   

       btw - thanks.
po, Aug 29 2006

       My Oyster card seems up to date ;)
skinflaps, Aug 29 2006

       I'm pretty sure that I've been to the Windmill on one of my cricketing outings. I'll try and get there, work permitting.

Late update: Can't make it. Early start on Friday morning i'm afraid.
DrBob, Aug 29 2006

       [jutta] =))   

       Can I wear my propeller head cap? (Searches for flying goggles, and then remembers what he was doing last time he wore them, and thinks better of it)
Dub, Aug 29 2006

       Work precludes I'm afraid. Have a great time though.
hidden truths, Aug 30 2006

       Well don't count on me turning up. I can't even find them when I'm in the same building.
egbert, Aug 30 2006

       I just double checked, it's open, and they serve food till 10pm   

       (well done po)
Dub, Aug 31 2006

       To aid recognition, I'll be the one fighting (possibly literally) with The Independent's crossword or, if you're there before me, the one walking in with the Indie under his arm.
st3f, Aug 31 2006

       Who'll take my bet on the crossword? ;)
pertinax, Aug 31 2006

       //To aid recognition// have you changed much?
po, Aug 31 2006

       A little older, a little wiser, still the same number of arms and legs.   

       Wise bet, pertinax.
st3f, Aug 31 2006

       skinflaps & zen & st3f are probably still making their way home.   

       I drove dub home and I'm on my way pretty quick to zzzzz.   

       one hell of a fantastic evening,..
po, Aug 31 2006

       Always good to see halfbakers again. Always good to see po again.
dib dib dib.
st3f, Sep 01 2006

       <salutes teletubby fashion>   

       <waggles rearend>
po, Sep 01 2006

       <proffers sugarlump>
zen_tom, Sep 01 2006

       'twas fun, right up to squeezing through the Underground's gates at the end.
skinflaps, Sep 01 2006

       Waaah! - missed it!
gnomethang, Sep 01 2006

       Pictures anyone?
calum, Sep 01 2006

       What a lovely evening ! - We really ought to organize a __proper__ trip to the Science Museum one day... (Perhaps unilaterally, and have some kind of web/satellite link-up) When we can all walk around alligator fashion - Po, you can sort that, can't you? It should be right up your street now   

       The curator can indicate Babbage's Difference Engine, and we can all shake our heads, and bun it.   

       [calum]I have a few, I'll put them up and link'em soon (this weekend)
Dub, Sep 01 2006

       ahem, pass mine by me first or else.   

       organising kids trips to the science museum has always been up my street...
po, Sep 01 2006

       Naturally! (But don't worry, your identity is obscured by the reflected glare from your minty YoYo earrings) - Hey, were they cookies or YoYos?
Dub, Sep 01 2006

       I can't remember when I had a better evening - celebrated my new job, caught up with gossip with st3f and zen, got to hug skinflaps, dunked chips in ketchup with dub... priceless.   

       the only thing missing was Mr T. where were you?
po, Sep 01 2006

       [Jutta], you should be proud of your bakers - Bakers, be proud of your bakership.   

       The missing were missed. All of 'em. (Sorry, went all funny then)
Dub, Sep 01 2006

       po: he has a new TV series - "I pity the fool."
DrCurry, Sep 01 2006

       yep. you came up in conversation too!
po, Sep 01 2006

       Well, there's a massed pie fight in New York on Monday that seems sufficiently half-baked for another go at a Big Apple Minicon, if anyone's up for it.
DrCurry, Sep 01 2006

       Ta [DC], {Adopts the air of inevitability that clowns often do when they know they're just about to be pied}
Dub, Sep 02 2006

       Sorry to have missed this. I was on the M40 at the time wishing that I wasn't.
wagster, Sep 02 2006

       Piccy-Linky :)
Dub, Sep 03 2006


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