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London Halfcon February 2011

Meet-up somewhere. Chat a bit. Go home again.
  [vote for,

It's that time again. State your intentions / desires (preferably about the subject in hand) in the space provided for you on the right, please?

London - Probably. (Apologies to non-Londoners / non-UKers.)

Friday/Weekend (non-school night) - Probably.

Afternoon or evening - almost definitely.

Now that's knocked some of the tricking planning out of the way I'll leave the details to others.

[OOps, where did I file this?]

Dub, Feb 07 2011

Genk Genk_20-_20The_20ul...0table_20experience
Oh come on, hippo. Do pay attention! [DrBob, Feb 10 2011]

http://www.thegoodp...e-Colonies-SW1E-6PR [hippo, Feb 15 2011]

The Obligatory Photo-Post http://www.flickr.c.../72157626088064778/
Sadly the cameras only came out after AWOL left - so only the rest of us feature. [zen_tom, Feb 19 2011]


       A pub near the river in Kingston, or in the City. Probably a Friday night (11th or 18th) - from around 1900. OR The King's Head (SW17 7PB) in Sunny Tooting, London.
Dub, Feb 07 2011

       Oooooh. Nice idea!   

       I'm game. My schedule is very chaotic at the moment but I'll keep an eye on this and see if I can fit in with everyone else.
Jinbish, Feb 07 2011

       I'm 27 pence short on a ticket.Then again I could borrow a cow.
skinflaps, Feb 07 2011

       Of course you can, mate. I'd give you a lift home afterwards, if you need it, too.
Dub, Feb 07 2011

       Richmond ?
(The one on Thames, not Yorkshire. Oh dear me no, not Yorkshire)
coprocephalous, Feb 08 2011

       The White Cross, Richmond?
hippo, Feb 08 2011

       I'm in London and I'd love to meet up with some halfbakers, although I don't really know anyone here that well.
mitxela, Feb 09 2011

       hey, we don't bite (much)!
po, Feb 09 2011

       //hey, we don't bite //
Certainly not on a first date.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 09 2011

       //Certainly not on a first date.//   

       Just be sure to discard the first Phoenix dactylifera seed.
skinflaps, Feb 09 2011

       [mitxela], we're mostly harmless just keep your hands and feet away from [Abs/flaps] & brush-up on your Genk rules you'll be fine.
We've never lost anyone... oh, there was that one chap, but I'm sure he would have spontaneously combusted even if he hadn't have taken up the bet.
Dub, Feb 10 2011

       "Genk"? - and brush up on your spelling.
hippo, Feb 10 2011

       Much obliguieded (Damn, I hadn't spotted that move ) {Consults the book of Genk rules}
Dub, Feb 10 2011

       //We've never lost anyone... //
Well, there was the time we turned up at the Mitre on a Saturday night...very nearly lost a few that time.
coprocephalous, Feb 10 2011

       //We've never lost anyone...??//   

       Misplaced, perhaps, but never lost.
Jinbish, Feb 10 2011

       [Copro] Now, that's true.   

       //I mean,wassapofint of hiding the pfub down a darkened allefyway? The only hint of its existence being a hat nailed to a lamppost?   

       /Apologies, I'll moderate my language.   

       Nice pub though. Quite quiet ;)
Dub, Feb 11 2011

       //I'm sure he would have spontaneously combusted //
I felt more sorry for the okapi.
coprocephalous, Feb 11 2011

       My new year resolution is to get out more and it's about time I showed my face. I could make a Friday evening.
DenholmRicshaw, Feb 12 2011

       Good stuff!   

       The annotation thread started off with the suggestion of Friday 11th/18th... but the 11th has now passed. Let's put a stick in the sand:
This Friday/next Friday {show of hands?}
The White Cross, Richmond (TW9 1TH) {If it's good enough for [hippo] then it's good enough for a shmoe like me!}
6 o'clock onwards?? (Depending on people's schedules etc.)
Jinbish, Feb 12 2011

       I could make Richmond on the 18th from about 7 - it's an hour and a half on the train so I'd have to leave by about 10 to avoid park bench syndrome.
DenholmRicshaw, Feb 12 2011

Dub, Feb 12 2011

       Sounds good to me. I shall revise the Genk rules thoroughly and attempt to keep my members in the most appropriate places.
mitxela, Feb 12 2011

       I'll have to get the bus over, so 6pm is out, but should be able to make it for 7:30 to 8 (ish)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 15 2011

       Richmond is going to be hard to get to for most - how about a more central London location? - e.g. The Colonies (link)
hippo, Feb 15 2011

       The Colonies?
Will I have to wear a tropical topee and sip from my chotah-peg all evening?
Will there be pig-sticking?
Must get the memsahib to dust off my puttees
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 15 2011

       I once took a group of foreign visitors there (people we were working with from Canada, NZ, Australia and the US). They all thought it was most amusing.
hippo, Feb 15 2011

       You're quite right of course; central London makes far more sense.   

       Show of hands?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 15 2011

       <jazz hands!>   

       Erm - ok. Whatever. Central is probably ok for me. I'm still being non-committal all round though as I am a little under the weather.
Jinbish, Feb 15 2011

       its this english climate, I expect.
po, Feb 15 2011

       If only...
Jinbish, Feb 15 2011

       </lurking> Me - a most tenuous though possible attendee, based on general feelings of warmth, wellbeing, the prevailing travel conditions (and overwhelming thirst-levels) on the day. (Negative tendencies liable to crumble under the merest of arm-entwistulations, subject to status - any commitments already having been entered into on my behalf by any of my third-party agents or subsidiaries may be binding. No warranty implied or given. Your statutory rights are reserved. No purchase necessary - simply send your preferred drink in a stamped-addressed email to my address with your beermat on a postcard, and an adjudicated pint will be duly enjoyed, under controlled conditions, (possibly in front of the TV) on your behalf) <lurking>
zen_tom, Feb 15 2011

       Hoist one on my be-half.
FlyingToaster, Feb 15 2011

       Is this happening?   

       Central London is possible for me.
DenholmRicshaw, Feb 16 2011

       sorry - can't tell yet whether I'll be able to make this
hippo, Feb 16 2011

       Right, it's decision time. Is there anyone who have so far expressed a preference WON'T come unless it's in Richmond? (Answers in the form of a FISH vote, please. There are No Fish posted at time of posting).
Those who INTEND to come to The Colonies [hippolinky] (London, SW1E 6PR, from 19:00 ish), please BUN your intentions (4 Buns at time of posting).
Those noncommittal, lurking, undecideds (you know who you are - I'm especially talking about those who I know / know me), let me know ASAP as I'd be happy to drive and take up to 3 people home / wherever *BUT* you'll have to let me know (by SMS) before Friday lunchtime.
Important: If I've not heard anything by Friday lunchtime, I'll assume you're being too polite / don't trust my driving and I'll go by bus instead. (If you would like to accompany me on public transport, again, that's fine, just let me know, by SMS please.)

       [zen_tom], consider your arms arranged in a nice bow behind your back, and then used to encourage you in the general direction of a pub with.
Dub, Feb 16 2011

       [I have duly bunned - albeit with the tip of my chin (arms currently predisposed in bow-forms) - and probably intend to take some kind of public transport]
zen_tom, Feb 16 2011

       {Loosens bow a little}
Dub, Feb 16 2011

       I'm confused - is this "first-past-the-post" or "single-transferable-vote" ?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 17 2011

       Oops - something's come up - it'll have to be another day.
DenholmRicshaw, Feb 17 2011

       I'll do my best to get to the colonies tomorrow. I can probly be there from 6ish.
Jinbish, Feb 17 2011

       I've got to get home and get the train, so I'll be a little later, maybe 7-ish
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 17 2011

       If I do head along to the Colonies tomorrow, how will I know who to look out for? Should I walk around waving a croissant?
mitxela, Feb 17 2011

       I'd love to be there, but I have a career to salvage, and the work on the observatory needs overseeing.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2011

       [mitxela], good point, well made.   

       I'll try to remember to bring my special thinking cap w/badge - but we'll all be wearing the official uniform of Stripy-Jacket, pink fluorescent trousers and yellow Sowester (The rules are clear, those that don't wear the requisite attire must buy the first 6 rounds) - but if you look to The HalfCon of Feb 2007 [linky], there are some pictures of some of us. (Don't be too put off). {There are some other pictures on some of the other (London) HalfCons, but I didn't see them just now. Seek them out if you're still concerned. }   

       Realises too late that I should have made it one of the initiation-requirements to correctly Identify 'Bakers with the hallowed greeting "Hello, do you think you can help me shave my opossum?"
Dub, Feb 18 2011

       ... or "would you give my roaming goldfish bowl a jumpstart?"
po, Feb 18 2011

       Would love to be there. Can you get London a bit closer to Edinburgh for a short while?
pocmloc, Feb 18 2011

       Don't use the old password "Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist mit Aalen gefullt", because people will then just look at you blankly, and think you're weird.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 18 2011

       The rules of engagement state that their response should be "Ich hole meine Aal Pumpe. Es ist im Auto." if the coast is clear, or "Meine Tuba hat ein Leck" if there's a problem.
Dub, Feb 18 2011

       Sorry people- I'm not going to make it. An earlier engagement has blown my 'going out' chances.
Hope y'all have a great time (and take a photo or two).
Jinbish, Feb 18 2011

       We are here, currently outside the Wilfred St entrance One of us is wearing a hat.
zen_tom, Feb 18 2011

       Wish i was there.
nineteenthly, Feb 18 2011

       It's true, he was.   

       Sadly, the Bun:member ratio was skewed.   

       [mitxela], nice to meet you. See, you got away with keeping most of your belongings / limbs? I'll get your watch and wallet back from [AbsintheWithoutLeave] when he's finished playing with them.   

       [Jinbish], you were missed. :( Better luck next time.   

       [Skinflaps], What? Didn't you get my cheque?   

       [pocmloc], we did try, but there were leaves on the line (and a seagull on the head of the train driver)   

       [hippo], I have just 2 things to say to you. 1. In my view, a woefully too small / crowded and noisy pub. 2. Why didn't you come out from under the table? I saw you.   

       Other than that, I think we solved most of the World's problems - The answers will be posted on a notice board after the secretary has written them up, and we've had a chance to review.
Dub, Feb 19 2011

       Glad I joined you all - thanks for a very enjoyable evening. Hope to see you all again soon.
mitxela, Feb 19 2011

       //<jazz hands!> //
Is there connection with those and jazz mags?
Nice to see so many new faces last night.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 19 2011

       If any of you lost a hangover, I think I have found it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 19 2011

       //cameras only came out after AWOL left// [zen_tom], Can you even take a photo of someone who casts no shadow?
Dub, Feb 20 2011

       It's nice to put faces to some of you I have not seen before. And then there's Ian, who it is always nice to see.
blissmiss, Feb 20 2011


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