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Kotatsu Teepee

Round Teepee Tent with Central Table-Covered Hearth
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Teepee tent is lined with cushions around interior floor perimeter for seating. At center of teepee floor is wood/charcoal stove or firepot with low round table-frame positioned over it. Quilt is draped over table-frame, and round tabletop is placed on top of quilt. Central stovepipe extends upward from firepot, through hole in quilt and tabletop, and out through top of teepee.

Alternate configurations could be for igloo shaped tent, or a yurt.

sanman, Jan 04 2022

Kotatsu setup https://www.youtube...watch?v=N0vTlo9tRl0
how to set up kotatsu table [sanman, Jan 04 2022]

Kotatsu use https://www.youtube...watch?v=UCKaKEoWE6A
how to use kotatsu [sanman, Jan 04 2022]

one in Kyoto https://prtimes.com/en/art/1572484839/
[xandram, Jan 04 2022]

Kotatsu ~Japanese Heating Table https://www.youtube...watch?v=LDDkAMKG5wk
[sanman, Jan 04 2022]


       Whilst not widely known to exist here in the US, I found one on a hotel rooftop in Kyoto! I still like the idea of a teepee, so here is a warmed up bun.+
xandram, Jan 04 2022

       Thanks! My idea was originally to have a picnic table snugly under a standard prism-shaped tent, with a trough-shaped fire pit underneath, but I couldn't figure out how to deal with the smoke problem. So I decided to switch to the round teepee with central stovepipe surrounded by round table. I guess a round igloo/dome shape, or even a round yurt, would work just as well.   

       The main point would be to have a space-efficient and energy-efficient enclosure for a camping group to enjoy. Different people also have different temperature tolerances, and those who want more warmth can place more of their body under the table, while those who feel too warm can place less of their body near the table.
sanman, Jan 04 2022

       // Electricity. //   

       Yeah, that's okay for indoors - I was thinking for more of a cold weather camping situation.
sanman, Jan 04 2022

       That feeling you get when you tell your therapist about your recurring dreams of becoming a teepee or a wigwam and he tells you relax because you're just being two tents.   


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