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Lan Over Laser

Now you know what LOL means
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I propose a local area network using Lasers.

The product would contain a 2rx/tx modules one for each computer and a package of quick fix mirrors that can be attached to walls and have a way that they can be aligned. I thought of this idea because i live in a house with walls that are a few feet thick and have problems with getting wireless Lan signals all around the house. Running cat5 cable would be very unsightly, Having laser running up the walls and roof would be pretty cool though:)

mawgadog, Sep 06 2005

Almost.. http://www.aeiwirel...l/connectivity.html
[coprocephalous, Sep 06 2005]

Ethernet Laser Bridges http://www.totalcom...er/home.php?cat=137
[st3f, Sep 06 2005]

IMDB John Carpenter's - Dark Star http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069945/
The Aliens are great! [Dub, Sep 06 2005]


       Not for use in earthquake zones, buildings prone to passing heavy traffic/railway lines, people walking up and down corridors...
coprocephalous, Sep 06 2005

       I think maybe the unit would work on pulses of laser light and some sort of encoder/decoder to translate the pulses, not by intensity of the laser, if the reciever was a bit bigger it shouldn't be affected by vibrations from passing traffic ect.
mawgadog, Sep 06 2005

       yes mia that is an idea also but considering i'm the only person with wireless high speed connection in my area i think someone like you is leeching off of my connection :) My Laser system would also keep my Lan secure.
mawgadog, Sep 06 2005

       There are other simple ways of keeping your wlan secure - and lasers would be a pain to keep aligned, never mind what happens when your other half puts a vase of flowers in the path. On the other hand, you get lasers bouncing around your house. Add a cracked oil machine and I'll bun.
wagster, Sep 06 2005

       crazy yes dutch no :) Mia running some parts on fiber optic would still mean i would need to lay down cable, i like the idea of the Laser running up the wall and up the ceilings. And the wife doesn't put flower pots on the ceiling Wag so that shouldn't be problem. Maybe the Rx/TX box could have an ethernet cable long enough so that could be mounted directly on the wall, that way less chance of putting something in front of it.
mawgadog, Sep 06 2005

       Baked, I think... Didn't they use these in Dark Star? ..."Teach [bomb number 20] Phenomenology"
Dub, Sep 06 2005

       Dub you just confused the hell out of me....
mawgadog, Sep 06 2005

       Have you seen Dark Star? - John Carpenter's college project (aledgedly) - It's basically a fun version of Alien!   

       Well in that I'm pretty sure that the Bomb communications system is 66 L.A.S.E.R 99 LAN based. One of the planet destroying bombs... Well get the DVD, you might like it. I found it very funny. One of my fav. films ever.
Dub, Sep 06 2005


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