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Lied Switch

grind coffee in the dark
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Lied Switch looks like any other light switch attached to the wall of a room, except it doesn't turn on the light, unless you know how to use it properly.

This means not simply flicking it to the "on position" but actually maintaining some finger pressure against the switch button when it is on. Doing this really does just switch on the light. Not doing it activates any number of other preassigned devices.

These are ones specially selected for their noise making capabilities, like blenders, radios, vacuum cleaners, coffee grinders etc.

A simple signal controlled switch, placed between the device and the power supply, takes care of that end of the idea, the signal generator being integrated into the Lied Switch itself.

xenzag, Mar 02 2012


       I know of lightswitches like this. They're very weird - they look, and feel, like normal two-way switches except that a short press on either end of the switch turns the light on, and a long press on either end turns them off.
hippo, Mar 02 2012

       //I know of lightswitches like this.//   

       [link] please?
csea, Mar 04 2012

       I'm pretty sure that what [hippo] is describing can be achieved with switches on the KNX bus (formally EIB, European InstaBus.
Some of the sensors understand the difference between a momentary push and a long push and different actions can be assigned to these (e.g. momentary on/off and long dim up/dim down)
Anyhoo, I thought this was going to be about a switch that, when pushed, starts playing German folk songs...
gnomethang, Mar 04 2012

       It can do that.... you just need to assign that as its function.
xenzag, Mar 04 2012

       In that case, have a bun!
gnomethang, Mar 04 2012


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