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Motion detector switch with 5-second off button

So you can turn the lights off when you leave the room
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There are these motion-sensor switches you can install in place of regular wall switches. They turn on the circuit when you walk into a room and turn off after a certain amount of time. This is to save money/energy in rooms that don't need the lights on all the time, for example a bathroom.

The downside is, once you leave the room, the lights stay on for the pre-determined amount of time, even though you don't need them to be. You could save even more money/energy if you could turn the lights off. So I propose a button on said fixture that when you press, it turn the circuit off, and turns the motion-detector off for like 5 seconds, so when you're done in the room, you can press the button, the lights turn off, and don't turn on again until someone uses the room and trips the motion sensor again.

We installed motion sensor switches in our bathrooms at our office and this is where I noticed this simple design flaw.

EdwinBakery, Nov 02 2011

Lutron Maestro® Occupancy Sensing Switches (PDF) http://www.lutron.c...tLibrary/048461.pdf
“When the occupancy sensing switch is manually turned off, the light will turn off. After 25 seconds have elapsed, the light will turn on and remain on for as long as the occupancy sensor detects motion in the room.” [ytk, Mar 06 2014]


       i think the idea is needing to be generalized. you need more finely custom programmable motion and other sensor activated switches.   

       the sensor all run usually on rigid pre-programmed rules that simply would be more useful if they could be re=programmed or at least switched between a buffet set of pre-programmed settings, almost like a set of pre-programmed radio stations you assign to your set of radio buttons of your car radio.   

       you still get a bun !
teslaberry, Mar 06 2014

       You can buy a switch that does exactly that. (link)
ytk, Mar 06 2014


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