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Quick-Connect Light Fixture Connector

Want to change the lighting fixtures in your house - just twist them in!
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I propose a new lighting connector standard for homes where you can quickly change out ceiling lights, wall-mount lights, ceiling fans, etc. This is a variation of the old round ceiling boxes, but with some additions. The box has a standard double outlet in the center, supplying power for two seperate devices (like fan and lights). Next, mounting holes to each side allow for large pins to be inserted, and twisted into a locking position, where it would secure the fixture in place.

For devices where vibration might be an issue (like a fan), the device being mounted could have a second set of pins that would fill the mounting holes so the device could not twist or be removed without retracting the simple spring-loaded pins.

You could change out a light fixture or ceiling fan in minutes, and never have to mess with wires again. The lighting companies would prosper, as people would be more inclined to change their lights if they did not have to wire them in.

trekbody, Jun 26 2006


       people could also move thier lights from home to home. That way you could invest in high quality fixtures and use them for a long time, or swap them from room to room to suit the season.
jhomrighaus, Jun 26 2006

       Absolutely - it would make it easier to move!
trekbody, Jun 27 2006

       and for pranks, people can sneak in and remove all of the ceiling lights in your house. bun.
tcarson, Jun 27 2006

       And swapped with all manner of strange devices. How about just plugging a flat-screen in to the ceiling. (Assuming wireless connectivity for the signal). Perhaps an ethernet jack could be an option for smart-lighting, hidden cameras, etc.
trekbody, Jun 28 2006


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