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Latent Image Remote

Remote control Indicates last keys hit
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So you stand up from the comfy chair, the remote falls on the floor and the TV goes nuts. Cat steps on control and TV goes nuts, etc. Which of the hundred keys to press to undo the damage? No idea; press them all, right? Riiiiiight. How long does it take to undo the damage? So howzabout having a latent glow attach to the last buttons pushed, via backlight with timer or some such. Already there are remotes that glow in the dark; how hard would it be to selectively brighten the dozen or so key fuckup-inducing ones for a few minutes or seconds after their recent use? Bottom line: I *want* one of these! --Plan B: Is an "undo last action" button too much to ask?
Steamboat, Feb 19 2005


       Kind of an [undo last action] key for the remote? I'm famous for screwing up video by bumping the remote. As little video as I do, I still have to bun this.
normzone, Feb 19 2005

       I've a TV remote that lights up the four main buttons *after* I select and press the one I want, and keeps them all lit for a minute or so. That's always struck me as pretty near useless.   

       Your idea is great, and would probably use the same technology, so it could easily be implemented.   

       A croissant for you. Oh, sorry--I stood up, it fell on the floor and the cat stepped on it. Ewww.
baconbrain, Feb 19 2005

       I think it's baked. My remote already has a "channel return" but it only takes you back to that most recent channel. Your device lights up all of the buttons, but how do you know what order they were pressed in? It's like lifting fingerprints from a keypad and trying to figure out what someone typed.   

       I propose instead, an "UNDO" button, the reverses the previous button push. Not just the "undo then undo the undoing" but one that can go back maybe 10 key entries.
wittyhoosier, Mar 23 2006


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