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Combination Laundromat & Internet cafe
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A laundromat the has a Internet cafe inside as well that way you can surf the web while waiting for your laundry to finish.
PureRush, Jun 30 2004


       [+] so simple, so amazing it hasn't been done yet. They had swipe cards at the laundromat I went to when I lived in Alaska - - it would probably be quite simple to incorporate that same payment system into wired terminals. Welcome to the HalfBakery, [PureRush].
contracts, Jun 30 2004

       Baked throughout Europe.
simonj, Jun 30 2004

       Here's the caption from your link, [simonj]. // Start your laundry in the storefront on the left, then step next door to check your e-mail.// Two seperate stores. His idea was a co-located service provider. CROISSANT HIM UP!
contracts, Jun 30 2004

       someone make a Surf washing powder versus surfing the web joke, quick!
iivix, Jun 30 2004

       Brain Wash cafe and laundromat in San Francisco. They have internet kiosks mixed in with the washing machines and arcade games.   

       World Wide Wash in Melbourne is a combo laundromat, internet cafe and coffee house.   

       Spic & Span Internet Cafe & Laundromat in Toronto and the Village Laundry and Internet Cafe in Kelowna.
bristolz, Jun 30 2004

       //His idea was a co-located service provider.//
So would an internet cafe and a rental car agency in the same building be another new idea? What about an internet cafe and a hardware store? An internet cafe is already a combination of a cafe with an internet access point. This just combines some other "place where people tend to go" with an internet access point. Not much of an idea.
angel, Jun 30 2004

       But this is a laundromat is a place where people tend to go, and tend to sit, and tend to have nothing to do. A car rental place is not that, and a hardware store is not that. His idea isn't earthshatteringly new like, oh, I don't know, putting a handbag in another bag so it looks like another bag . . . O.o   

       It still deserves consideration and, as above, it already exists in certain places. Certainly baked but I wouldn't say widely known to exist. Feel free to disagree :-)
contracts, Jun 30 2004

       [bristolz] I'm typing this from world wide wash now :)
[contracts] widely known to melbournians, but maybe not to the rest of the world <witholds fish>
reap, Jun 30 2004

       In the Pacific Northwest, of the USA there are tons of these. Especially near University campuses.
ooys, Jul 01 2004

       LaundryNET 2000...   

       The laundry machine IS the computer. The round window is the screen. You can play games, surf the net, etc. AND there is one application which simulates a window (via web cam) through which you can watch your clothes spinning around. (This would be the default or screen-saver application).
phundug, Jul 01 2004

       Baked in NZ couple of places as far as I know like in Thames and Te Anau. Good idea anyway.
Pellepeloton, May 23 2007

       As the founder of a nonprofit I am actually thinking of buying a laundromat to bring in income for us. It does not solve the sitting and doing nothing problem, but I am thinking we could pursue the internet idea or other ideas and have a place where people can do their laundry, utilize their time and help sustain a good cause.
expo51, Mar 09 2008

       Baked here in the U.S. where there exists a night club/laundromat.... but still a good idea! gfundl
gfundl, Mar 09 2008

       Internet cafés seem to be obsolete now, but laundromats aren't yet. Progress…
notexactly, Mar 18 2018


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