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Wash your clothes, meet some people, have soome booze.
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Why doesn't someone open up a laundromat that's also a bar. Laundry is a nuisance, but if you could grab a drink, pick up a chick/dude, get wasted... laundry wouldn't be such a chore. This place would be a mad pick-up joint.
cgk, Jun 21 2000

Sit & Spin http://seattle.city...V/SEAWA/0006/73/46/
Combination laundry / cafe / nightclub in Seattle. [egnor, Jun 21 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Laundry Lounge http://www.toronto....0011/47/69/cs1.html
Laundry/cafe/restaurant. Vanilla stoli plus laundry. Greater chance of mixing brights w/ whites. [nurby, Jun 21 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Brainwash http://www.brainwash.com/
San Francisco. Laundromat, Internet Cafe, Diner, Espresso, Beer on Tap, Comedy, Poetry, Bands. [jutta, Jun 21 2000]


       You could have drinks named after detergent - Tide, Downy, etc. and theme nights for singles..."Swapping Laundry" night, "Load and a Shot" night...the possibilities are endless!
jek, Jun 21 2000

       We had one of these at Louisiana Tech in Ruston, La. "Fun-o-mat" was a lot of fun -- there was more beer being drunk than laundry being cleaned.
etrigan, Jun 21 2000

       Suds & Suds in Corvallis, Oregon is another example of this. Very punny (and probably popular among the students of Oregon State :)
amadeus, Jun 21 2000

       The Laundrobar - Chicago, IL at the intersection of Southport Ave. and Newport Ave.   

       There is also laundromat on Broadway that offers Free Soap when you go have a drink at the lesbian bar next door (The Closet).
blahginger, Jun 29 2000

       "BAR of SOAP" in Fair Park, Dallas, TX. The prob is that once in awhile some drunk mofo nabs your laundry by mistake. I'd like to see a drink and drive-in car wash crash course. It could happen.
julien, Jun 29 2000

       The only problem with this is that it involves going out and trying to pick people up while wearing the things that you only wear when they're the only clean things left in your dresser.
baf, Nov 04 2000

       Dud's and Sud's - don't see them around anymore. Must have been that folks were spending more money on Sud's and not enought on the "money making" Dud's???? Who knows. Merely a musing.
chili2k, Jan 02 2001

       /...drink and drive-in car wash crash course./   

       I'm just wondering how to break up the enunciation of that last part, julien. Four nouns in an unpunctuated string; rare in Enlgish, but presumably deliberate punstuff. No doubt, drinking and drive-ins would result in some sort of crashing... :D
absterge, Jan 02 2001


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