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A dryer that automatically expels dry clothing
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First of all, there exists the laundry pager, however this leaves the responsibility to the person whose clothing is already in in the dryer. Unacceptable.

This commercial dryer (for use in laundromats) measures the relative humidity and upon complete dryness of clothing, expells the clothing through a shoot into a plastic garbage bag allowing someone else (me) to use the dryer.

Issue #1; Yes, when someone's laundry is done I can remove it myself. Although sometimes it's filled with someones gross nany panties and I don't want to remove them myself.

Issue #2: Often times I can tell the laundry is dry yet the dryer has been set to run for 2 hours etc. I can't open it and remove the clothing because its owner may be watching.

The Laundromatic solves these issues and allows for an expedited laundering experience, specifically on sunday when everyone want's to do their laundry.

SpocksEyebrow, May 08 2005

Whirlpool's "Calypso" machine http://calypso.whir...calypso/calypso.asp
[half, May 09 2005]


       Would it still keep a sock?   

       On purpose.
SpocksEyebrow, May 09 2005

       How about a new laundromat wash and dry system with "laundry lockers"? A cylindrical, open mesh basket made of a tough, temperature resistant plastic. Load your clothes in to the basket. Close and lock the lid. The basket is now placed in the washing machine where it becomes what would have been the inner tub/drum in a standard washing machine. It'd probably have to work like one of those "Calypso" washers without the traditional agitator.   

       When the wash cycle is complete, remove the basket full of wet clothes (this is the hard part, it's gonna be heavy). Now the basket goes in to the dryer, acting as the drum.   

       When someone else's dry cycle is done, you can remove the whole locked basket and put it on a wall rack which slowly tumbles the basket to help keep the clothes from wrinkling.   

       (It would probably be easier for the patrons if one machine both washed and dried.)   

       The owner of the clothing returns to see their clothes still securely locked in the basket. Of course, someone could steal the entire basket, but the security system would set off an alarm as the thief attempts to carry the basket past the door.
half, May 09 2005

       [half] your idea just makes too much sense.
SpocksEyebrow, May 09 2005

       One might even say that it's logical?
half, May 09 2005

       "Logic is little tweeting bird chirping in meadow. Logic is wreath of pretty flowers that smell bad"
po, May 09 2005


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