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Laundry Lendors

Excite your laundry
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The Background: I'm a single guy, have been for a while.

The Problem: I do my laundry and it's all mine, nothing interesting mixed in. It'd be nice for the other launderers, or the dry cleaners, to think I actually have a life. Or even for my own entertainment, my own clothes get pretty boring after a while.

The Proposed Solution: A laundry letting system whereby I can register as "looking for laundry" and be paired up with someone with "laundry to lend". I'll pick up my bundle, go to the laundromat and get to work sorting by color and fabric, reading labels, washing, drying, fluffing and folding.

The system will incorporate various options for gender, age, degree of soilage, etc. For instance, I'd like a single woman, no children, with only normally dirty clothes and nothing that has to be specially handled. Someone else may prefer the laundry of a sweatshop worker or auto mechanic. Whatever your preference. You do your laundry, I'll do mine and some strangers.

Noexit, Oct 16 2007


       aw, that's cute. you want to be domesticated. : )   

       some woman should be so lucky, [Noexit].
k_sra, Oct 16 2007

       k_sra: can I use you as a reference?
Noexit, Oct 16 2007

       i don't know you very well. what other recommendations can you give yourelf?   

       [later: i just plumbed your user page to divinate something about you. kudos! you are apparently health conscious, cleanly, like children, avoid tacky things and can make guacamole. excellent. jury is still out on Oklahoma, though. that could be very good or very bad, depending. ( i lived a year in a tiny town called Oilton.) and the lack of a personal office suggests you need a more resilient income if you are to increase your laundry capacity, but overall, 8 points out of 10.]
k_sra, Oct 16 2007

       I just reach in and steal a hand full of stuff from the washer next to mine.   

       (When the police come and 'cuff me, I suddenly have "a life". )
blissmiss, Oct 16 2007

       This is especially great for single women who don't want to be approached by despirate deabeat guys in the laundromat. If some guy keeps following you around the laundromat, all you gotta do is pull a pair of size 60 coveralls out of the dryer and tell him that your boyfriend is BIG and STRONG and VERY JEALOUS. I'll bun this one but I am sure that there are many easier ways to get a hold of clothes other than your own. I am sure that its pretty easy to get a hold of some items from friends or family members if you tell them that you are sponsoring a clothing drive.
Jscotty, Oct 16 2007

       [Imagines Noexit pulling out a bright pink brassiere, followed by his formerly white shirts and socks with a slightly pink tinge, happily chuckling to himself.]
jutta, Oct 16 2007

       jutta: I've been doing my own laundry for a while now. That's not going to happen. Probably. :)   

       And I hadn't considered that this could be used as a security solution. Thanks Jscotty!
Noexit, Oct 17 2007

       there are worse things than pulling a pink brassiere out of the washer. i worry, [Noexit], that if you take girlie clothes to the laundromat you will miss the opportunity to chat up the sweet young thing also doing her laundry there that day, due to the false impression that you already have a woman in your life.   

       [also, you lost "good-guy" points for the goatse thing. : ( seriously!]
k_sra, Oct 17 2007

       Ahh, I was about to post a short diatribe of [Noexit] meeting the girl of his dreams and then pulling out a pair of Disney themed, crotchless panties.
4whom, Oct 17 2007

       Aside of the Disney themed clothes, I think that having women's clothes in your laundry can be attractive to the more promiscuous woman because she may be inclined to lure you into "cheating". Maybe women are more inclined to go after a guy in a relationship because she knows that she isn't going to have a problem getting rid of him. But either way it could give you the opportunity to tell your false story about being unhappy in your current relationship.
Jscotty, Oct 18 2007

       Jscotty--Kind of like the ol' fake wedding ring trick? While the primary motive behind this idea isn't to score at the laundry, I can see where it might work for that purpose.   

       If I ever have Disney themed anything in my laundry I'll be an unhappy camper.
Noexit, Oct 18 2007

       Call them and talk dirty to them: "Uhh.. Hi. This is 21Quest. What are you washing right now? Oh yeah..so what else is dirty? Oh.. I love dirty towels.. yeah.."
Jscotty, Oct 18 2007

       The charge: Illegal Laundering
Jscotty, Oct 19 2007


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