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HMO Laundromat

Clean while you wait
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Laundry facilities installed in HMO doctors' office waiting rooms. Get something constructive done while you wait two hours for a ten-minute doctor visit.
globaltourniquet, Jun 12 2001


       I assume the HM in HMO stands for "Health Management" rather than "Her Majesty's" ...
Aristotle, Jun 13 2001

       The answer is "Yes, I was frustrated recently waiting for over an hour to be seen by my 'Health Maintenance Organization' doctor for ten minutes, because I had important things to do, like laundry..."   

       For those unfamiliar, HMO stands for "Worst idea for managed health care ever invented by man" or something like that. I'm moving to Canada.
globaltourniquet, Jun 13 2001

       In the UK we have General Practisioners (GPs) who also have long waiting times for short periods of consultation, especially if you just turn up because you are ill. I generally use the time to read up on some of the bizarre magazines that can be found there that I would never buy myself.   

       The problem with laundries in those kind of locations is that all the water, soap and noise would affect people suffering from hydrophobia, detergent allergies and sock-related nervious conditions.
Aristotle, Jun 13 2001

       Hmm, interesting sideline for GPs. Nowadays tho, pretty much everyone has wahsing machines. There arent many laundries left. So I dont spose theyd get much business. 30 years ago it probly would have worked.
Claws, May 11 2003

       [Aristotle]: But what of those people who suffer from obsessive/compulsive disorder and can't stand dirty clothes? Or those suffering from Xerophobia (Fear of dryness), and would benefit from watching things roll around in a washine machine?
Cedar Park, May 12 2003

       Saw an episode of "Two Guys and a Girl" (a TV sit-com, not a dodgy DVD) where there was a bar in a laundromat.   

       So, taking this to the logical conclusion (tho jumping a couple of steps) what you need is a shooting gallery in an HMO....   

       Hang on; that already sounds like my HMO.
FloridaManatee, May 12 2003

       Why don't doctors scedule your appointment for two hours later? They aren't thinkers are they? Perhaps doctors Bob and Curry may be able to shed some light on this.
MikeOliver, May 12 2003

       [FM] They had one in Chico (a collage town in northern California) named Suds-n-Suds. One of those strange combinations of products that just works well. Now if someone combined a bar with an HMO, casual partners can have eachother checked out before going home.
Worldgineer, May 12 2003

       Perhaps there should be various vending machines in the laundromat areas, as well. Croissant!
dstillz, May 12 2003

       its eerily quiet and everyone just sits there trying to guess if the person next to them has something contagious.   

       like Ari, I use it as an excuse to read some ghastly magazine from cover to cover.
po, May 12 2003

       Pros: You get a clean fresh smelling waiting room.   

       Con: Doctors now have MORE reason to make you wait longer, b/c the longer you wait, the more you spend in the machine.   

       + for timesaving aspect.
mahatma, May 12 2003

       //its eerily quiet and everyone just sits there trying to guess if the person next to them has something contagious.//   

       In some countries where there are forced-quarantine orders on those that live with SARS infected persons, I have heard of patients giving PO Box addresses.
FloridaManatee, May 13 2003


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