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Leg Saver

Inexpensive Mine Detector Anklet
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Millions of landmines are scattered all over Asia and Africa costing untold suffering and loss of economy.

How about low-cost ankle bracelet metal detector? It would emit a shrill tone when magnetically triggered by buried metal.

International tribunals would find the US\USSR\China complicit in selling these items to most of the afflicted countries knowing the manner in which they would be used against civillians. It seems logical that they should pay for distribution and development of this technology.

subflower, Dec 07 2005

About land mines http://www.cbc.ca/n...ckground/landmines/
[not_only_but_also, Dec 08 2005]


       Ah, so this has nothing to do with KFC?
DrCurry, Dec 07 2005

       Even better would be a low cost toe ring explosive detector - closer to the ground and able to detect the explosive, which is what makes land mines bad. It would not emit a shril whine, but speak (in the wearers language) via vibration, which would be transmitted via "bone hearing" up from the toe bone. It would say: "I detect a landmine", in a low, soothing voice.
bungston, Dec 07 2005

       Three questions: How close would you have to be for current metal-detection technology to detect a buried mine? How fast do you walk? How fast can you stop?
silverstormer, Dec 07 2005

       hey ss, where you been?
po, Dec 07 2005

       I think the US and the UK stopped making mines and destroyed their stockpiles, but too late: 230-245 million of these US/UK anti-personnel mines remain in 100 nations' stockpiles.   

       And I don't think a anklet/toe-ring is going to detect them well enough.   

       I think we should train dolphins... land dolphins... land dolphins with kevlar vests... oh, never mind.   

       Seriously, though, couldn't the mythbusters rig up a remote-control steam-roller?
not_only_but_also, Dec 08 2005

       Talk to One off dave. He will have insight.
blissmiss, Dec 08 2005

       Clever. It would be handy if the device featured a GPS that tagged the coordinates and sent them to an explosive ordinance disposal service.
FrostedFlake, Dec 08 2005


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