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mahogany 137

make wood from illegal logging sites toxic and detectable
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Many of the world's irreplaceable rain forests are being decimated by illegal logging, much of the resulting wood ending up as boardroom tables and church pews made from mahogany and other hard woods.

The idea is to crop spray protected areas of tropical forest with a radioactive compound such as cesium-137, in a sufficiently potent amount that it is absorbed and taken up by the root systems and into the fabric of the trees, but does less damage to the environment, than human interventions such as logging. (See environmental impact studies to the environment surrounding Chernobyl in link.)

Trees which contained cesium-137 could be easily detected, and there would be no effective way of removing it, or disguising it.

Bad science ? perhaps - I'm sure you will soon tell me.

xenzag, Apr 22 2006

Chernobyl impact study http://environmenta...les/chernobyl2.html
Could it be that human invasion has a greater impact on the environment than the most catastrophic nuclear accident in the 20th century? [xenzag, Apr 22 2006]


       I like it, as long as we don't get any problems from Sparrow-137, Parrot-137 or Gigantic City Crushing Mutant Ant-137.
zen_tom, Apr 22 2006

       Rad man.
Would this effect dinsidious and contaminiferous trees the same?

       Why does Gigantic City Crushing Mutant Ant-137 always get the bad press, plenty of cities I could live without....
not_morrison_rm, Aug 11 2016

       It's because the airforce always trash the place while killing it, then blame the ant for the effects of misplaced stores. And by then, the ant's usually unable to put its side of the story.
8th of 7, Aug 11 2016

       (cue rimshot sound effect) +
normzone, Aug 12 2016

       // rimshot //   

       What ? All we hear is the sound of the wind ... oh look, tumbleweeds ....   

       .........@.............@ .............@............@
8th of 7, Aug 12 2016

       It's all very well and good to whinge about the over- exploitation of mahogany but, if they wanted them to be left in the rainforest, why did they make them out of such valuable timber?   

       Also, the demise of the mahogany trade would also mark the demise of the phrase "mahogany logger", which would be a great loss to euphony.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 17 2016


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