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Lengthwise Velcro Socks

Because Velcro is more comfortable than a zipper
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For greater ease of putting on and taking off socks; I'm imagining the velcro would be on the upper side only of the length of the sock. Ensure the fuzzy part of the velcro, not the hooky part, is pressed down toward the skin, in case it doesn't completely overlap the hooky part. When preparing to wash the socks, you will want to be sure the velcro is perfectly overlapped/closed, to prevent lint getting into the hooky part. Any questions?
Vernon, Oct 06 2014


       Yes - how does this make the donning and doffing of socks easier?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 06 2014

       How about heat-shrink socks? They go on loose, then a blast from a hairdryer makes them snug. Perhaps the process of washing them could loosen them again.
mitxela, Oct 06 2014

       I assumed this would be strips of hooky velcro that you just press onto your hairy hobbit feet.
pocmloc, Oct 06 2014

       //heat-shrink socks?// That is an excellent idea, but better if the shrinkage were accomplished by body heat alone.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 06 2014

       [MaxwellBuchanan], I think the manufacturers are lying about sock sizes. There is a particular foot-size range that I normally buy, but my feet are near the upper end of that range and the socks feel too tight. As an experiment I bought a couple pairs of the next-larger size range, and they STILL seem too tight. That tight-ness translates as extra effort to put them on or take them off. It just seems logical that if one could zip up a sock like you could zip up a jacket, it would be easier to put on. But you can't actually use a zipper, because that would be even more uncomfortable than a too-tight sock. So, Velcro.
Vernon, Oct 06 2014

       Hmm. I think part of your problem is in buying off- the-peg socks.   

       If you don't want to buy bespoke sockage (and lords know, good tailors are increasingly hard to retain), you need to buy suitably stretchy socks.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 06 2014

       Not many people have tailored socks, mostly because the seams rub a little I think.
pocmloc, Oct 06 2014


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