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Duster Socks

Wow.. shiny floor
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I'm sure this has been done, but here goes

I've just moved in to a new house which has dark wooden floors throughout. Due to the building design, it seems to be a haven for dust, so the broom and I are rarely parted.
I noticed the other day that my socks are pretty good at sweeping up the floor, so was hoping we could invent Duster Socks, which would have a special sticky/polishy material which collected dust.
I wear these socks all day, and when I come home from work, just take off my shoes and walk around as normal. Hey Presto. Shiny Floor.
neilp, Nov 11 2004

Dust Mop House Slipper http://www.janitori...Category_Code=15-18
Poor man's Duster Socks. One size apparently fits all. [jurist, Nov 11 2004]

http://www.boingboi...-use-your-baby.html [hippo, Jun 05 2010]


       Hmm. +
sartep, Nov 11 2004

       my youngest never crawled but shuffled about the place on his bottom (at top speed he could beat the self closing door - just!),I used to get him to shine the floor with a nappy!
po, Nov 11 2004

       (nappy = diaper) Were they dark brown floors?
FarmerJohn, Nov 11 2004

       linoleum floor - we were poor as church mice...
po, Nov 11 2004

       Church mice have linoleum floors?
angel, Nov 11 2004

       only the poor ones.
po, Nov 11 2004

       Are there rich church mice? Are they the catholic ones?   

       [having lit blue touch paper, retires]   

       [po]'s youngest was ahead of the trend - saw a baby suit for this purpose in a chindogu book. Will link it if I find it. Poor child looked like a cross between a mop and a Late Period Elvis.
moomintroll, Nov 11 2004

       An excellent idea for large houses with quantity of wooden or linoleum flooring. However, mebbe you should hold off on wearing them all day until you see how they are treated. Or with what they are treated. With what substance they have been... Oh you know what I mean. +
k_sra, Nov 12 2004


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