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Organic Socks

Fight odors and Washers
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First, breed organisms that are friendly, are shaped like socks and won't run amok under any circumstances. You could make them have lifespans of a few weeks in which they reproduce several times to replace their lost comrades. They could even be bred so that they wouldn't grow without a special hormone so you could have dwarf socks for people with small feet!
salmon, Dec 15 2000


       Sounds squishy. What would they eat? Would they poop in your shoes?
PotatoStew, Dec 16 2000

       I know I should vote against this idea, but, in an effort to redeem it, consider a sock organism which, analogous to the penicillum mold, generates an antifungal toxic to athlete's foot.   

       Probably not worth the effort and instinctive ickiness, though, unless there's a foot-based disease nastier than trenchfoot they could be bred to treat.
Uncle Nutsy, Dec 18 2000

       I can just see the headlines, "Socks shock, major city overrun, population evacuated" or "Man-made menace marches on" as millions of renegade mutant socks in pairs and mismatched threesomes vociforously breed and force the population of Boston to leave hot foot, all except the entire Red Sox team who earn some sort of perverse immunity from the masters of the new order. "Sock it to 'em baby" is their battle cry as the mock wool foot soldiers lead the invasion as it spreads south into Rhode Island with lint glazed eyes set on the grand prize, the boot heel of southeast Missouri, where their evil plan is to enslave the feet of every hillbilly they can capture and turn to their odoriferous cause.
Jonathan, Dec 19 2000

       Growing fur on the feet, I like it. Rogaine foot baths could well do the trick.
Jonathan, Dec 19 2000

       And the Bandar-log have hair between their toes?
hello_c, Dec 20 2000

       PotatoStew: They would eat the skin flakes and sweat from your feet.
salmon, May 21 2001

       Sand Trout, anyone?
jutta, May 21 2001

       First I'd like to point out that my non-living socks are also organic, being made from cotton... Which leads me to suggest that these living socks could be fast-growing plants or fungus. But why stop at socks? Why not shoes? Your whole outfit? I think the fashion world would be quite gratified once clothes started wilting when they became passé.
ejs, May 21 2001

       as written, this thoroughly deserves an [mfd] magic, but I like this idea. My hiking boots already have fungus growing in them; If the fungus were odor-eating and pleasantly squishy, I wouldn't need socks anymore.
sninctown, May 30 2006


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