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Heatshrink Socks

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You put them on loose, and the warmth of your body (or on cold days, a hairdryer) shrinks them to a snug fit. Going through the wash slackens them again.
mitxela, Dec 10 2015

" far too loose sheep intestine technologies " https://www.etsy.co...oms-pack-of-3-1980s
( ah, that brings back some good memories ) [normzone, Dec 11 2015]


       Who needs to use blue nail polish with these on, especially when sitting by the fire.
wjt, Dec 10 2015

       "One size fits all ..."
8th of 7, Dec 10 2015

       Bi-metallic threads?   

       //"One size fits all ..."// - ah, so you've read J.R.R. Tolkein's poorly-received prequel, "Lord of the Socks"?
hippo, Dec 10 2015

       You could use them for playing golf, especially if you had a hole in one.
bhumphrys, Dec 10 2015

       These can breathe, right? Otherwise I anticipate a problem...
RayfordSteele, Dec 11 2015

       Not just breathe, they have a heartbeat and need to be fed. They're also extremely territorial about just whose feet can wear them. One thief who 'borrowed' a pair met with a grizzly end as the Heatshrink Socks, somehow feeling the injustice against their original owner, shrank all the way to a terminal case of deep vein thrombosis.
mitxela, Dec 11 2015

       How does one take them off?? (plunge feet into ice water?)
xandram, Dec 11 2015

       Post-shrinking, they should be no tighter than an ordinary sock. Ordinarily.
mitxela, Dec 11 2015

       OK, I'll bun this. I really don't like socks that stretch out and go down into my boots or shoes! +
xandram, Dec 11 2015

       If we're going to make shrinkwrap sheep skin, why not make advances in far too loose sheep intestine technologies?
4and20, Dec 11 2015

       Fourex fitting a little loose, [4and20] ?
normzone, Dec 11 2015

       Well, it's the twentyfourex, after the first twentythree sheep met their maker.
4and20, Dec 11 2015


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