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Less identity theft through receipt re-use

Or make ID stealers stinkier at the very least
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Many receipts etc carry private information, for example banking details etc. Some criminals will go through peoples bins or paper recycling boxes for such information, then use it for nefarious purposes. This makes receipts hard to dispose of - I suppose you could burn them, or shred them first, if you have a shredder.

The vast majority of receipts you want to keep for just a few days or weeks - for example food receipts.
I propose that this class of receipts be required to be printed on toilet tissue. After enough time has elapsed, you can safely dispose of them by reusing them in a manner which will dissuade all but the most determined identity thief.
This is environmentally friendly too, since it reduces both waste and toilet-roll consumption.

Loris, Jul 23 2003


       Disappearing ink? Or maybe go the other way and use thermal paper...
phoenix, Jul 23 2003

       The paper would definitely have to be flushable, otherwise you're marking your personal info for easy location by a trash-digging ID thief.
smallrocks, Sep 27 2003


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