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Lightning Round Game Show

Pretty much self-explanatory
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The entire show is one 30-minute lightning round - no breaks, no commercials. The person who is both smartest and most able to deal with the initial influx of adrenaline will probably most likely win.

Advertisements are scrolled across the bottom, or, perhaps, in the form of giant costumed mascots walking around in the background behind the contestants.

shapu, Apr 17 2007

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       I could only endorse this idea if the adverts were onstage distracting the contestants, preferably juggling.
normzone, Apr 17 2007

       That poor bastard dressed up as the Sunkist orange would never last as a mascot.   

       I'm sure it can be arranged.
shapu, Apr 17 2007

       The contestants would wear blue smocks, which would serve as the blue screen. Ordinary commercials would be displayed on the contestants themselves, with subtitles.   

       The show would be called "Smocked".
bungston, Apr 17 2007


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