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Linear Clothes Washer & Dryer

to be used with the Mobile Laundromat <link>
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The System is a continuous feed tube which winds it's way 'round the back of the Mobile Laundry Truck; a single always-on wash/dry machine, consisting of several main sections.

There's the Loading Section which receives dirty laundry: after a load is tossed in, a plastic separator disk (the width of the tube) is placed on top and the desired program is punched in (whites, colours, extra dirty, perm press, etc). Then the next load is put in, etc.

The Washing Section contains a plastic/rubber Archimedean Screw which turns clockwise then anticlockwise to provide an agitator for the laundry. The movements are weighted clockwise though, to slowly move the laundry loads and separators along its length. Individually addressable perforations in the shell are used to add water at any temperature, soap, fabric softeners, and remove same, all according to the program selected. Rinsing is part of the process.

The Spin Dry Section (a straight pipe) does what you'd imagine: spins very fast to drain the water out of the clothing. It's followed by the Tumble Dry Section which also can be easily left to the imagination: specific temperature jets of air can be utilized for each separated load.

Last but not least the Output Tube, which piles up the loads all ready for folding.

FlyingToaster, May 15 2010

Mobile_20Laundromat [FlyingToaster, May 15 2010]

combined washer/dryer http://www.lgwasher...combos/wm3431hw.htm
not quite linear, more like circular [metarinka, May 17 2010]

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       Excellent! But why not complete the process by including a method of folding/storing in drawers and fluffing/hanging in closet as appropriate?   

       Extra credit for pairing socks.
csea, May 15 2010

       //include a method for folding...// I'll let somebody else take that one.
FlyingToaster, May 15 2010

       Very nice, Flyto, +, but I do get hung up on the dryer part - wrinkles - what's the diameter of these tubes as you imagine it?
Mustardface, May 15 2010

       //diameter of these tubes// 1.5-2ft I guess... could vary: the hook is the continuous flow.
FlyingToaster, May 15 2010

       Heh - make it transparent to hypnotise half the local community. A converted cement truck would give plenty of turning-ness.
Ling, May 15 2010

       Could this be combined somehow with airport security screening?
mouseposture, May 15 2010

       In most of the rest of the world one can already buy combined washer/dryers. Once they finish washing they automatically dry the clothes, no need to move the clothes. but I'm glad that my idea has spawned some additionally half bakery
metarinka, May 17 2010

       //mesh cylinder// hmm that sounds a bit better: "front loader" style agitation.   

       //railguns// the standard delivery attachment is envisioned, but there needs a folding/sock-darning stage in the middle.   

       [metarinka] This is a continuous feed. The in-hopper isn't the out-hopper. Its capacity is measured in ft^3/hr, not ft^3/load and loads/hr.
FlyingToaster, May 18 2010

       I like this because it opens up the opportunity to get multiple uses from the same wash water, thusly: fresh water enters the machine for the final rinse cycle, then gets used in the next-to-last rinse cycle, then gets heated and soaped for the wash cycle before finally being drained out. This scheme is reminiscent of a counterflow heat exchanger, except that it is not heat being exchanged, but dirt.
afinehowdoyoudo, May 19 2010

       //multiple uses from the same washwater// As mentioned in the post, the water drains out: it isn't passed along to the next load, which mechanism would turn everybody's clothing a medium-pinkish-grey after a few months.
FlyingToaster, May 19 2010


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