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Lips That Stick

parking permit rubber sucker
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Lips That Stick is a rubber sucker with a simple hook on the end of it for hanging small items. That's the dull, functional bit.

The nice bit is the shape. This is modelled on a set of pouting lips, which you moisten, squeeze together to expell any air, then press unto a smooth surface.

Looks especially effective when stuck unto clear glass and viewed from the other side.

Good for contorting into a resentful curled lip, or for blowing a permanent kiss gesture when stuck on the side window of your car, with your paid up parking permit dangling smugly from its hook.

xenzag, Mar 12 2007

(?) Lips That Stick http://images.world.../slides/PAB2308.jpg
...give us a kiss then.... I'm only on the other side of this glass. [xenzag, Mar 12 2007]

a one dimensional version http://www.cafepres...fpt_/opt_/c_360/pg_
[xandram, Mar 12 2007]

where's gizmo when you need him? lip_20_22stick_22
[po, Mar 12 2007]

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       "Honest dear it was just from this parking permit hanger thing, I would never cheat on you!"
jhomrighaus, Mar 12 2007

       I was half expecting your link to be a photo of Angelina Jolie's lips. Thank you for not being so predictable.   

Machiavelli, Mar 12 2007

MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2007


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