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Local Global Translation

As is my yen
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Everytime I see a webpage quoting values in foreign currencies, or events occuring in timezones outside of my own, I have to calculate. In these days of smartish browsers, this seems odd.

The loc-glob translation is a browser widget/plugin that recognises currencies or timezones in the text of the page. Using your local settings, it then translates them (using the latest internet-based values) into my local settings.

[I know some websites already do this, but I want this as a browser feature for all sites regardless of their local programming]

"Your hotel in New York will cost $300 (loc-glo xlate £200) ..."

Widget to also convert temperatures, heights, weights according to my local requirements.

jonthegeologist, Nov 23 2006

this is where I'd start http://en.wikipedia...culating_currencies
currencies [neilp, Nov 26 2006]

currency convertor http://viewmycurrency.wordpress.com/
for firefox [neilp, Nov 26 2006]


       //I know some websites already do this, but I want this as a browser feature for all sites regardless of their local programming]//   

       Is this a lets all?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 23 2006

       hardly. I'm presenting an idea for a browser plugin, which you may choose to download and implement if you so wish.   

       Or you can use a calculator.
jonthegeologist, Nov 23 2006

       Timezones are simple, but currency exchanges depend on markups. Would you want to know price just to get a rough idea, or do you want to know what it would costs for you to order?
jmvw, Nov 23 2006

       I propose that the currency conversion is live and dynamic, fetching the latest exchange rate from another website somewhere.   

       It might display the text like this :   

       "Your hotel in New York will cost $300 (loc-glo xlate £200) ..."   

       It's then clear what the original and translated costs are.
jonthegeologist, Nov 23 2006

       yup, this is completely achievable and a really nice idea. It'll be a bit of a headache for countries that operate in dollars (because there's no standardisation around USD/AUD etc.)but have .com domain names, but the browser extension could probably do a bit or logic in there to have a rough guess what's up. Very nice. (+)
neilp, Nov 26 2006

       actually, it looks like there's a currency one already for firefox (see link).
neilp, Nov 26 2006


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