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shrinking insurance salesmens tie

A tie for insurance salemen that would shrink and eventually explode with permanent ink
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This tie would be issued to all people in the Insurance industry. As lies accumulate, the tie would shrink until finally it would explode with a permanent ink stain on that persons chin. A device inside it would automatically liquidate all of the insurance persons assets and give away all of the toys they bought with government money to poor people and return the remaining funds to the U.S. Treasury. (The insurance salesperson could be issued a "magic ink stain eraser" if they agree to testify on behalf of the 40 million Americans without Health Insurance against the Insurance companies.)
pragmatic_logistics, Mar 31 2009

Salesmen!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube....watch?v=2jl3cKWuJVc
Youtube from pee wee's playhouse [bonkers777, Apr 02 2009]


       [-] for magic, alas, although I would love to see this on certain executives.
gisho, Mar 31 2009

       I thought it was going to be a tie that shrank and throttled the wearer. a little disappointed in the main.
po, Apr 01 2009

       I keep reading it as "Shrieking Insurance Salesman Tie", a public-service device.
FlyingToaster, Apr 02 2009

       funny link.
blissmiss, Apr 02 2009


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