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Rear Seat Passenger's Abacus

fit car seats with an abacus
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Many cars now have digital screens built into the backs of the front seats. This is so that the otherwise bored snowflakes being transported to and from their various destinations can be entertained with the latest vacuous Tik-tok crap.

Replacing these digital zombie screens with an abacus is my proposal to break that dumbing down cycle by introducing an analogue device which sits there doing nothing until you come to terms with its use.

xenzag, May 21 2024

7 year old making calculation https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GQtqlB-jXO0
[xenzag, May 22 2024]

Back-seat_20driver_...atronising_20device [hippo, May 22 2024]


       Why an abacus in particular? Passengers could amuse themselves with many other old-fashioned activities, such as crochet, flint-knapping, or playing with spinning tops.
sninctown, May 21 2024

       Yes, but those aren't so easily built into the back of a seat and an abacus is a far more intriguing device given its proven ability to be faster than using a calculator.
xenzag, May 22 2024

       For anything more than simple arithmetic, a slide rule is better. And could also be build into a seat back or arm rest.
a1, May 22 2024

       My personal favourite back seat distraction is map reading, with the express intention of pointing out each & every inefficiency in the driver's chosen route. Endless hours of fun. You can't do that with an abacus although it could be a useful aid. So tentative bun from me.
DrBob, May 22 2024

       [DrBob] Can I interest you in [see link]?
hippo, May 22 2024

       Watching parents 'walk' their babies in strollers while glued to their phones, interacting not at all with the child facing them, desperately trying to connect--suggested spinoff products include abacus/slide rule/macrame-hand crochet play stations for Baby's stroller, crib, and car seat. At least the child can work out useful skills while being neglected [+]   

       Or maybe have the child facing forward like in the old days, so at least the scenery is less sad than being actively ignored.
Sgt Teacup, May 22 2024

       //but I'm feeling like a jerk today// you are one of the main reasons why I hardly make any new posts on the halfbakery anymore, which has become characterised by your self serving negativity. Well you've won. I'm logging out for a long break.
xenzag, May 22 2024

       Settle down, people.   

       We (most of us) look forward to seeing you back after your break, [xenzag].
pertinax, May 23 2024

       What [pert] said; I was really looking forward to witty repartee and whatnot.
Sgt Teacup, May 23 2024

       Voice, you are being a dick.
DrBob, May 23 2024

       That's an insult to dicks.
a1, May 23 2024

       I didn't know you felt that way about me, [a1] I've always respected your ideas and thoughts. I guess I'll have to take a hiatus as well, and either find my way to being more sensitive or a place I can be myself without offending one and all.
Voice, May 23 2024

       Only on occasion, [Voice]. Don't know what put you in a bad mood yesterday, but your remark was uncalled for.   

       "And if nobody calls for it in thirty days, you can keep it."
a1, May 23 2024


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