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Love Loops

making life easier for passionate pairs
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A common problem when walking hand in hand is that those hands seldom assist either person’s gait by swinging in rhythm opposite the nearest leg. Since even a loving pair’s legs are often out of step, the held hands hang helplessly still or jerk awkwardly to one or the other’s disadvantage.

The love loop, a short elastic cord between two Velcro ankle straps, changes all that. Joining a couple’s nearest ankles, the cord helps keep them in stride, one’s left leg and the other’s right swinging forward and backward together. The result: a tenderer but also more efficient stroll thanks to joined hands and feet that smoothly pendulate.

FarmerJohn, Oct 12 2004

Love on the Run http://www.sttoms.o...CUBA/Web4_003-L.jpg
[jurist, Oct 12 2004]

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       We used to call these shackles, back on the chain gang.
jurist, Oct 12 2004

       I may make The Nurse try this one with me. Nice! [+]
DocBrown, Oct 12 2004

       I'm not sure this'd work.. people naturally walk in step with each other rather than out of step a the love loop encourages.
neilp, Oct 12 2004

       Tell that to boot camp sergeants.
FarmerJohn, Oct 12 2004

       [+] just for introducing me to the phrase //a tenderer but also more efficient stroll thanks to joined hands and feet that smoothly pendulate.
zen_tom, Oct 12 2004

       Hah. Yes, this is needed, especially in conversation.
ldischler, Oct 13 2004

       From the makers of Love Loops, new Segway Chains. +
sartep, Oct 13 2004


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