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Love Tub

Good Clean Fun For Soakin' Sweethearts
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Many people like bathing with their sweethearts, but most standard bathtubs make for cramped quarters. Therefore, the Love Tub, a larger tub made to acommodate two people comfortably. The Love Tub will come in red, pink, lavender, mint green, and other romantic colors, and it will be padded, to boot, to prevent injuries incurred by in-tub cavorting.
Sparki, Aug 10 2001

Soft bathtubs. http://www.softbathtubs.com/usa/index.htm
Well-baked, with sprinkles. [Dog Ed, Aug 10 2001]


       Baked: especially in New Jersey "Honeymoon" Hotels. or is it the Catskills?
protean, Aug 10 2001

       Yes, but are they padded? Anyway, I know two-person tubs exist in hotels, but they are not standard in homes.
Sparki, Aug 10 2001

       In the U.S., in newer homes above about $250,000 or so (outside of major cities and other high-real-estate-value areas), they are very nearly standard. They are essentially always jetted, are often corner tubs, and are frequently the centerpiece of an increasingly elaborate master bathroom. They are not marketed as having multiple-person capacity, but I'm pretty confident their size is not just for show.
beauxeault, Aug 10 2001

       And what about padding or cushioning? I guess that'll come next. Bathing with one's sweetheart (like other acts of desire) is supposed to be fun and rewarding, and thwacking one's head, kneecap, toe, ear, nose, etc against hard porcelain isn't fun OR rewarding.
Sparki, Aug 10 2001

       I've seen an ad for a plastics or somesuch company which shows a tub with a little 'give'
thumbwax, Aug 10 2001

       Yes, yes! But—dash it all, man—we must have padding!
The Military, Aug 11 2001

       Actually, I proposed a padded bathtub on the Halfbakery, and someone quite nicely provided a link to a company which makes just that. Looks like vinyl over foam, advertised as easy-to-clean, and of course insulates the tub so the water does not cool as quickly as in a standard tub.
Dog Ed, Aug 12 2001

       But are these soft tubs (they sound wonderful) big enough to allow for romantic cavorting? :-)
Sparki, Aug 13 2001

       Aqualymics level cavorting? Probably not. Splash-and-tickle? Definitely.
The Military, Aug 13 2001

StarChaser, Sep 22 2001


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