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Instant Bathtub

Just add water
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This idea came to me as a portable bath you can take with you on holiday, cheifly for camping. The tub comes as a small brick like block of dehydrated foam composite coated on the outside with a stretchy water proof cover. The bath is set down on a flat surface and water is run into it. The water is absorbed by the inside of the bath making it swell up untill it forms a reasonably sized tub. The outer covering stops water from leaking out once the bath has expanded an it can then be filled as a usual bath. The material holds heat well and lets the bather take their time. The bath can be drained and left to dry when it will shrink down to it's former size for storage. Or alternately be a single use item whichever turns out to be more practical.
Bronzewing, Mar 02 2005

Portable Bathtub http://www.onlinest...whalespraypool.html
[contracts, Mar 02 2005]

Maybe http://images.googl...GGLD:en&sa=N&tab=wi
Maybe not [Mr Burns, Mar 02 2005]


       I assume that you won't be filling it with hot water, since you are camping. But I wonder if there is some exothermic reaction that could be employed?
Ling, Mar 02 2005


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