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Low-calorie liquor

Drink all you like without putting on pounds
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Apparently, liquor is fattening. I, and perhaps others, will accept and enjoy a low-calorie alternative. Can this be baked? I'm particularly looking forward to Diet Grand Marnier.
snarfyguy, Jun 11 2001

Some figures on low-calorie beer. http://www.marketin...80219/Low_calo.html
..but they really mean low(er) calorie beer. [DrBob, Jun 11 2001]

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       just drink more concentrated alcohol. Get as drunk on less total carb intake, and boost the Russian economy while you're at it.
Deity, Jun 12 2001

       Cannabis as a slimming aid? Sounds like a fine marketting opportunity.
DrBob, Jun 12 2001

       Ethanol: 7 kcal per gram/ Protein, carbs: 4. Fats: 9. There's no way to change this... but water down your drinks, and have a rum and Diet Coke instead. All too often the calories aren't in the alcohol itself, but the sugar or other carbs in the drinks.
djanaba, Jun 13 2001


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