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Low-flow shower cushion

Takes the yeeowch out of bathing ecologically.
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Yeeeowch is the typical sound that I make when I use a low-flow showerhead outside of my home, or inside my home for that matter. There are some occasions when you're not at liberty to exchange the annoying showerhead, or when you'd like to save water. So what is one to do?

Install this cushion. Fit it over the offending shower nozzle. Water hits a funnel, which directs the water through a much gentler nozzle head like they have on garden hoses. Then you can relax a little.

Optionally, water could be 'cached' so that a reservoir is filled up while you are shampooing your hair or doing something else, and then released as needed without the problem of re-adjusting the temperature. That way you could save extra water and maintain a comfortable shower water pressure and volume.

polartomato, Sep 11 2002

Delta Monitor Faucet http://www.thisoldh...3422,218723,00.html
It works well! [Mr Burns, Sep 11 2002]


       I have a sweet Delta shower faucet that allows you to adjust volume without changing temperature, it might help you out with your dilemma..
Mr Burns, Sep 11 2002


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