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Lust Day, the board game

[status thimble is entirely to blame for anything resembling inspiration]
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This is based strictly (well, more or less) on ancient Incan traditions. Uses a game board and dice. In this unique Andean holiday, the entire village turned out once a year for a race between post pubescent youths. Nude females got a head start, followed hotly by nude males. When a female was intercepted by a male, copulation occurred. Everyone had a tremendously good time.

The board game uses nude male and female pieces. Two dice are thrown to determine moves, and the player may select either of the thrown values. Female players get a two throw head start. A male landing on a square occupied by a female results in copulation, which is rewarded by beads paid to each player out of the village store, two to the female and one to the male. Upon passing the starting point, sexes are swapped. The player with the most beads at some point wins.

Variants: In Greco Classic, the game pieces include ewes, while in the Dairy Land variant, cows. In Frisco Frolics, copulation may occur between any two pieces.
pluterday, Feb 07 2003

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       //Upon passing the starting point, sexes are swapped.// Is this also part of the //ancient Incan traditions//? If so, how on earth did they do that, unless nobody ran past the starting point again?
PeterSilly, Feb 07 2003

       I like the Jesus is dead angle, though
thumbwax, Feb 08 2003

       I like the board game - it just doesn't seem quite as fun as the activity it's based on.
wagster, Aug 01 2004

       You transformed the game into a board game by taking everything away that was fun about it. Namely: - the player can actually influence the results on more than a random basis - the joy that comes from being exhausted - the joy that comes from hunting - the joy that comes from sex - the joy that comes from domination/submission - the romance that comes from combining the previous four - the motivation that the better you are, the fitter (i.e. sexier) your lovemate will be   

       Not only do I not want to play the game, I shiver at the thought of spending an evening with people who do. However I wholeheartedly thank you for telling me about the original version, I think it's fucking genius. :o)
fuqnbastard, Aug 02 2004

       I would only want to play if the course were a circuit, so I could cheat by lurking until lapped.
pertinax, Dec 15 2006

       How about the players actually have to copulate? Otherwise, this sounds pretty boring.
disbomber, Dec 15 2006

       sounds like a XXX style of charades , might be a big seller with the sex-shop crowds.
Stork, Dec 16 2006

       [disbomber], that's like saying Monopoly is boring unless you're playing for real money. ...Wait a minute, Monopoly is boring. Hungry hungry hippos would probably have been a better example.
hidden truths, Dec 16 2006


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