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Macho Mouse

All Terrain, Military styled computer mouse
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Styled like a first world war tank, complete with flag holder and camouflage net accessories appropriate to every climate.

Strong enough to hammer in a tent peg when the going gets tough.

Makes various battle sound effects via hidden speakers when used to direct operations.

Doesn’t need a mouse pad, as it rides over every obstacle on the desk to get the job done.

Parks in its own bomb proof shelter when not in use.

(for general appearance - see link)

xenzag, May 12 2006

(?) Built like a tank http://www.spartacu...co.uk/FWWwillie.htm
M os 16 Mouse [xenzag, May 12 2006]


       Why even make it a mouse?
BJS, May 12 2006

       Because gamers like me exist in this modern day. At LAN Parties, usually I'm they guy seen threatening people and throwing things across the COUNTY. [+]
Letsbuildafort, May 12 2006

       The whole county, or just into the next township?
notmarkflynn, May 15 2006

       When you accidentally knock it off of the desk it should go, WHEEEEEeeeeeoooooooooo BOOOOM!!!!   


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