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Foreplay Mouse

Scrolling-wheel mouse shaped like a pudendum
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There was something about scrolling that seemed familiar. This product would probably be the kind you find in the back of porn magazines. (I would guess) It would be made in a particularly unnatural shade of pink and come in a thin cardboard box with misspelled slogans on it. It would also probably leave you for another computer user and break your heart.
On-or-about, Oct 28 2000

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       Let me know if you're going to propose a, ahem, "joystick" shaped joystick, so I can vote against that one too.   

       (Because, I mean, really, what's the point? If you *really* need to look at genitalia, when you're at a computer all the smut you could ever want is just a few steps away.)
Uncle Nutsy, Oct 28 2000

       One of my computer parts suppliers often called the original Microsoft Intellimouse the 'clitoris mouse' because of a similar resemblance.   

       Obviously he didn't get out much, either....
BigThor, Nov 01 2000

       Good. Put a vibrator in it, like the new power joysticks. Then it'd be good for people who'd like to experience a powered joystick inside them.   

       Great for creating lipstick lesbian, passive gays & other gender-benders.
gz, Apr 27 2001

       are you saying it's like a vagina? I don't get it. if yes, then it is a good invention, I give it my go ahead.
cornpad, Jan 12 2008

       since there is some confustion:   

       definition of pudendum: The external genitalia, especially those of the female. From the Latin pudere, to be ashamed. See: Female external genitalia.   

       I find it very sad that this word is derived from the latin "to be ashamed". I'm certainly not ashamed of mine.   

       However, I think this is a great product idea, and am surprised you can't already find these in the novelty section of "adult" stores. It's not that it's something I believe people will want to actually use a whole lot, but I do think that whomever actually creates it would make money in the "gag gift" sector.   

       Really, why can't I already find one of these?
drememynd, Jan 13 2008


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