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Fingering Figurines

Control a mouse replica of yourself performing the task.
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A toy figurine can be handled in such a way that it can be used to express the desires of its handler. A child may pick up a toy soldier and say "pew pew". Such a child has the toy act in a similar manner as would the child.

Where your old mouse was there is now a replica figurine of yourself. The hunched forward curve of your back provides ergonomic support to your palm. As you move the figurine before the glowing screen its lifeless eyes follow correspondingly.

rcarty, Mar 13 2012

Well, I was going to be diplomatic, but since you've egged me on... http://www.amazon.c...STMAS/dp/B003BQDA48
The original Bean Angel collectible [normzone, Mar 14 2012]

Recursive Mouse Recursive_20Mouse
Similar to what [not_morrison_rm] describes [csea, Mar 15 2012]


       Uh huh. Actually I was thinking this would be using a mouse to control the movements of a smaller replica me...which would also be holding a mouse.   

       Is this some kind of gearing down process for nano-fabrication?
not_morrison_rm, Mar 13 2012

       I did a search for beanangel figurines the other day and got some interesting hits.
normzone, Mar 13 2012

       Do link!   

       I was really expecting a computerized version of the 'where did the bad man touch you' dolls they use in child- molestation trials.
Alterother, Mar 13 2012

       I don't see an anno by notmorrison in the idea linked. Recursion is an aspect of this idea, but more of a recursive biofeedback. Hopefully the effect of the idea was some perception of holding yourself by your own back in the palm of your own hand but on some sort repeating recursive scale. By simultaneously performing the same action as the object being controlled, for example looking at something on the screen and clicking it, a person can become somewhat of a puppet to their own hand. If the idea is recursive at all it is because the biofeedback mirror keeps repeating actions. The user looks at the bone button on the hb screen, the mouse looks at the bone button, the user clicks the bone button, the mouse clicks the bone button. That's not infinite recursion, but think now of a user in a motorized rolling swivel chair controlled by the same mouse. User moves mouse, mouse moves user. User is still in control of cognitive function, but the recursion takes place in the mind of the user as it is necessary to use the device. Man controls image, image controls man, man becomes image of own image, image becomes image of own image, etc.   

       **ah i see now that notmorrisons anno can be found in this idea.
rcarty, Mar 15 2012


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