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Macho Tissues

Flowers aren't for guys
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Sure, wives usually buy the tissues, but how macho does it look when you have a flowery tissue box in your tool shop? Or in your hunting cabin? Let's face it: Shotguns and pink flowers don't mix. But what kind of tissue box would be appropriate for a guy? How about camo? Olive Drab? Or some kind of plain color that isn't a pastel? It wouldn't be too much trouble to produce, and I'm sure guys would prefer these over the 'pretty' tissue boxes.
ghillie, Sep 25 2003

Looks manly enough for me http://www.handsont...ct/?product_id=8368
[half, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Is this macho enough for ya? http://www.selles-f.../acatalog/mantb.jpg
Some readily available ones - baked! [seedy em, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

A proper set of men's tissues http://www.bekkoame...irt/Shirtsleeve.gif
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Should the tissues inside the box be made of sandpaper, too?
krelnik, Sep 25 2003

       How about these? They're white, but there are manly blue ones available in the same sort of packaging. (link)
half, Sep 25 2003

       For the mechanics shop : porn tissues to match the calendar.
Detly, Sep 25 2003

       they should look like oily rags.
po, Sep 26 2003

       Camoflage patterned tissues - although it would be hard to tell whether one had been used
hippo, Sep 26 2003

       [ghillie]. Do you feel threatened by your feminine side? Are you not comfortable with your personal sexuality? Sounds like you're trying to prove something.   

       (P.S. Y'know, YOU could always go and buy the tissues and get a plain box)
squeak, Sep 26 2003

       [squeak] Would if I could, but I'm not married, and I can't find any plain boxes.
ghillie, Sep 26 2003

       If you're not married, whose wife is buying your tissues?   

       (aside: men who say "the wife" should have their left kneecap busted.)
waugsqueke, Sep 26 2003

       *gulp* [changed 'the wife' to 'wives']

Um, this was pretty much to relate to other people, since I'm not married. And I said that I can't find any plain tissue boxes.
ghillie, Sep 26 2003

       lets get this straight: is it the tissues or the box you want masculinised? or both?
po, Sep 26 2003

       Just the boxes. Plain, white tissues.
ghillie, Sep 26 2003

       shame, removing my croissant :)
po, Sep 26 2003

       Why, do you want novelty tissues? Would you rather have tissues with people's faces on it? Imagine expelling your snot all over Bill Gate's face...
ghillie, Sep 26 2003

       I wanted my oily rag lookalikes <disappointed>or hippo's camouflage tissues. gawd we don't come up with these ideas for fun you know. we woik at it.
po, Sep 26 2003

       My original idea was tissues that weren't feminine. So if they could make macho tissues and tissue boxes, that would be great.

(P.S. Those ideas are cool, but they've been baked by me and my dad, both hunting and in the garage.)
ghillie, Sep 26 2003

       you *baked* oily rag tissues or oily rags?
po, Sep 26 2003

       Not me, my dad. He uses them as rags and tissues. At the same time.
ghillie, Sep 26 2003

       thats what I thought. thats why paper tissues that *look* like oily rags is such an appealing visual to me (well, I say appealing - appeals to my sense of humour that is )
po, Sep 26 2003

       How about a tissue box that looks like an old tire.
phundug, Sep 26 2003

       Hee! hee! [suddenly understands Rods' joke]
DrBob, Sep 26 2003

       oh.....yes..... good show, Rods. (Shame on me, I was just there 2 months ago).
krelnik, Sep 26 2003

       Um, I don't get it. What's he talking about?
ghillie, Sep 26 2003

       Say the title of the idea out loud.
krelnik, Sep 26 2003

       I still don't get it.
ghillie, Sep 26 2003

       Send in a tissue sample for tests and we can then tell you if it's macho or picho.
FarmerJohn, Sep 26 2003

       I've seen Kleenex brand facial tissues with hunting motifs. For example, a pheasant flying away and a hunter with dog in foreground. I don't think the tissues were bright white. That would seem like a bad idea if you were hunting white tail deer.   

       Puffs has a box with images of animal fur. They call the design "skins" http://www.puffs.com/products/images/family/d_family_skins.gif   

       That's pretty macho...
burl, Sep 26 2003

       The pastel flowers don't match my decor, but neither would hunting patterns. I think I need something a little more gender-neutral.
beland, Sep 27 2003

       How about putting them in a uncoated beige box? Color your own design on 'em.   

       But then you'd have those ridiculous macho men that would just have to customize the thing. I can just see it, guys making high-performance tissue boxes with chrome and neon... -shudders-
Utah, Sep 28 2003

       At least there should be an aisle at Home Depot where you can buy metal planks, vulcanized rubber tubing, and plywood blocks to put around your store-bought tissue box.   

       I'm envisioning a do-it-yourself TV show also, dedicated to this idea.
phundug, Sep 29 2003

       Beige is so...beige! Let's get's some fabulous primary colors in the house!   

       Hmm...OK, maybe what I'm looking for is Tissue Boxes for Gay Men with Taste.   

       Do real Macho Men even use tissues?
beland, Oct 01 2003

       No. If you're at your hunting cabin, you just give it a good farmer blow, stepping outside is at your discretion. I however, admittedly not wearing the pants in the house, enjoy my wife's purchase of the tissue with the lotion, as my hay-fever will often necessitate more than 20 blows an hour, which really rubs the membranes raw pretty quickly. But outside the house, I always use the Fresno-hanky, to show my manliness.
oxen crossing, Oct 01 2003

       [oxen crossing], maybe it's *not* hayfever...   

       May I suggest you see someone about having your Chi "reversed"? I think you'll be most satisfied.
Tiger Lily, Oct 01 2003

       Yup, it's hay fever, no question about it. Allergic to 45 of the 60 allergens tested for. Worst are juniper and redwood, but cockroaches are on the list as well. Good thing I don't breathe too many cockroaches. But maybe I do need my Chi checked. Can't be too careful.
oxen crossing, Oct 01 2003

       No, really...

       Maybe it's all in the FLOW of your Chi.   

       Anyway, just think about it.
Tiger Lily, Oct 01 2003

       is a backward chi, an itch?
po, Oct 01 2003


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