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Robotic Yard cleaner for Dog Poop
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**NEW** Now your poohba is fully compatible with the Magnomeal & Magna-poo lines of pet food additives for a superior yard cleaning experience. Retrofit kits are also available.

Order Now!!

The next generation of the popular Roomba and Scuba robotic vacuum and floor cleaning robots.

This robot would be programmed to follow a random path within your backyard after being triggered by a RFID tag attached to your pets collar with a sensor near the door and would be outfitted with a Dog Poo detection system comrised of 2 parts.

1)Wide angle infrared sensors to detect fresh poop within several feet of the robots path.

2)chemical sniffer to home in on poo once generally located by the infrared sensors.

3)NEW** Onboard magnetometer for poo detection utilizing the Magnomeal and Magna-Poo lines of pet food additives.

Once located the poo would be collected through the use of vacuum and a disposable liner bag that can be removed when full The bag would extend to the end of the collection port and so cleanup would be easy.

Upon completion of its collection the unit would return to its base station to await the next deposit.

Large ballon type tires would allow the unit to operate over rough uneven terrain(unmowed grass, Snow etc.)

The unit would be weatherproof.

the unit would be about the size of a small push lawnmower and would be outfitted with numerous sensors to keep it from hitting obstacles(similar in function the the roomba robots sensors)

A dual purpose invisible fence system would allow for control of both your pet and your poohba in unfenced properties as well.

The unit would include a small control remote that could communicate using bluetooth or radio technology to allow for manual activation and would indicate when the collection bag was in need of changing(perhaps based on Weight of material in the bag) The unit would also have a manual control feature to allow for assited cleanup of "old" deposits with indication of deposit location.

jhomrighaus, Feb 25 2006

Pooh-Bah (a disclaimer) http://math.boisest...opera/pooh-bah2.jpg
The Poo-ba should not to be confused with the Pooh-Bah, or Lord-High-of-Everything-Else, from Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta "The Mikado".The Pooh-Bah does not include yard-maintenance amongst his official duties and purview. [jurist, Feb 26 2006, last modified Feb 27 2006]

Magna poo Food additive Magna-POO
The perfect Companion [jhomrighaus, Aug 07 2006]

Magnomeal Food Additives MagnoMeal_20Additive
The perfect companion product. [jhomrighaus, Aug 07 2006]


       Arg! That was my idea. Oh well, have a bun.
MikeOxbig, Feb 25 2006

       Mike, whatcha mean it was your idea? Link?
blissmiss, Feb 26 2006

       //The unit would also have a manual control feature to allow for assited cleanup of "old" deposits with indication of deposit location.//   

       Would this interface with Google Earth ?
neilp, Feb 26 2006

       [bliss], I was about to write a similar idea, but [jhom...] beat me to the punch.
MikeOxbig, Feb 26 2006

       sorry mike
jhomrighaus, Feb 27 2006

       No prob, you beat me fair and square.
MikeOxbig, Feb 27 2006

       maybe detecting the heat of the turd with a thermal couple would be less expensive than a chemical sniffer. i guess this wouldent work if the ambient temperature was close to, or above the dogs body temp. but i live in a region where that only happens a few days of the year. good idea, needs a little refinement though. Bun
auricom_mech, Aug 04 2006

       //thermal couple//
n. "ther·mal cou·ple"
A husband and wife sleeping too close together on a hot summer night?

       [+] Since dogs generally go primarily in the same location when defecating, you could prioritize a "zone" so the Poo-ba wouldn't waste as much time in non-poo areas.
Klaatu, Aug 04 2006

       I love robots!   

       Pooba could use poo as fuel and maybe if it detects a dog dropping poo, it can launch old poo at it before it cleans up the new poo.
mr2560, Aug 05 2006

       maybe it could be programed to recognize your dog and throw poo at any interloping dogs that want to use your yard.
jhomrighaus, Aug 05 2006

       All Units Shipping after August 7 2006 will be compatible with the Magnomeal & Magna-poo pet food additive. for superior yard cleaning performance.
jhomrighaus, Aug 07 2006


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