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My Favorite Time-Bandit

Half of something's better than all of nothing but half of nothing is something else...
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Tappity tap. click click..
That devilish sound you can't hear
Is our new silent partner...
Whispering softly in your ear..
One little bun from heaven?
Well our real life's gone to hell!
A nervous twitch, sweaty palms,
You're half-bakin', I can tell
Let's take a break babycakes life is more than to dream
Our future can be brighter than a monitor screen
But little by Little, one moment at a time
We've drifted away ~ and we're wanting to climb
We no longer converse... now we annotate
You think I've forgotten how to relate?
We need to touch base with reality today...
Take charge of our life without delay
And put attention on things we actually see
Instead of the visions of how it might be.

But suddenly that new idea's so bright.
Now to find the way to explain it JUST RIGHT:
I see it so perfectly but the words just don't come!
And I can almost taste it... that warm sweet bun..
Don't bother me now, my mind's finally at play,
Describing a better whatever for a better day.
Oh, Guess you didn't notice I hadn't noticed you..
Cuz I see you found a new post to review,
I hear you chuckling at someones' witty repartee
Another typical observation in a half baked way
I don't I miss my life that was here, now and real
Being able to see what I could hear and feel
Cause now lifes' so simple hardly ever a chore
Every day is more interesting than ever before.
I take nothing for granted, leave nothing behind
There's so much more to life... it's just all in my mind!
See the half bakerys buns are just the right taste
For eating my fill without going to my waist.
Though seafood is healthy, I'll pass that dish
Nothing's worse to swallow than bones of fish.
Except maybe my pride but I don't think I'm alone
Seems to be a tradition at a half bakers home
Well my browser's been idle, I'm ready for a spin
To be robbed silly by my favorite time-bandit again.
no12pass, Jan 04 2004


       You keep crossing my mind Vicki.
God speed.

       Ditto, yes [+]
skinflaps, Oct 18 2007

       Absolutely brilliant! Enthusiastic bun!
doctorremulac3, Sep 11 2022


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