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Man-Pad (with wings)

Protection for the blokes. Stops Dribbles.
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Not for the plumbing per se, but could be useful after a curry and / or stomach upset and / or Kebab + Lager mix.

Available in two sizes: Standard and Man-2-Man

Skybird, Jun 15 2001


       This is an exclusively male issue because ... women are ethereal creatures who live on light and pop songs alone and hence do not posess a digestive tract?
jutta, Jun 15 2001

       We all know women don't poop.
Voice, Mar 14 2011

       [jutta] you do realize you inadvertently put a question-mark on the end of your anno.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 14 2011

       It may be a mushroom; that text has been here almost 10 years.
pocmloc, Mar 14 2011


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